Communications Staff

The Office of Communications & PR at Sage is led by Senior Director Shannon Gorman and includes a small but talented team of communication experts with specialties in graphic design, writing and publications, public and media relations, web and social media, and photography. And with decades of collective experience at The Sage Colleges, we enjoy sharing our expertise and enthusiasm in "communicating Sage."

Main Office:
90 1st Street, Troy Campus
ph (518) 244-2246
fax (518) 244-2398
[email protected]

Staff listed alphabetically by last name

Deanna Cohen 2015

Deanna Cohen

Director of External Relations
(518) 244-4593
[email protected]

  • coordinates and handles media relations activities for the Colleges
  • conducts public relations activities surrounding Sage events, programs and people

Kurt Eye

(518) 244-4536
[email protected]

  • manages and maintains Sage's website,
  • administers content management system and users
  • performs and reports on web analytics

Elizabeth Gallagher

Elizabeth Gallagher

Publications Editor
(518) 244-2344
[email protected]

  • produces alumni newsletters Connections and Crossroads
  • writes and distributes e-newsletters
  • composes special writing projects and presentations for institutional and alumni events
  • produces Sage's institutional showcase magazine, Horizons (online in 2013)

Shannon Gorman
SGS '13

Shannon B. Gorman

Sr. Director of Communications & Marketing
(518) 244-3142
[email protected]

  • directs communications and marketing planning
  • spearheads communications strategic planning
  • manages institutional advertising and ad campaigns
  • performs and assigns copywriting and editing for college collateral
  • crafts and distributes college messaging
  • consults on college-wide communications efforts

Tamara Hansen

Tamara Hansen

Photographer & Communications Assistant
(518) 244-4537
[email protected]

  • photographs priority Sage events, employees and students
  • builds and maintains photo archive for design projects
  • helps coordinate office events and displays

Matthew Klein

Matthew Klein

Web Content Specialist
(518) 244-2483
[email protected]

  • edits and manages web content for all areas of the college
  • provides support to faculty and administration to develop and maintain web content
  • integrates print, web, e-communication and social media strategies

Sarah Statham 2015
SGS '08

Sarah Statham

Assistant Director of Marketing & Art Director
(518) 244-2389
[email protected]

  • designs internal and external collateral for all areas of the college
  • manages institutional branding and image

Bethany Van Velsor

Bethany Van Velsor

Graphic Designer
(518) 244-3161
[email protected]

  • designs marketing materials such as brochures, fliers, posters, logo design, web ads, and prints ads
  • designs environmental graphics such as indoor and outdoor signage, banners, stage displays, t-shirts, and billboards
  • designs graphics for and e-communications