Video Resources

The immediacy, impact and ease of video distribution via the Internet - on the colleges' web pages, through social media or by other means - has increased the desirability of and demand for such assets. The Sage Colleges' Communication and Public Relations Department is available to consult on and/or coordinate all video projects.

We can help establish appropriate budget parameters, identify production partners,  target essential audiences, shape consistent Sage messaging and branding, and provide ongoing communication support for the project or campaign.  There are a variety of approaches and production styles. The below examples are ordered in descending order of budget and labor intensiveness:  

These commercial-broadcast-quality videos are typically produced, directed and edited by contracted, external agency. They involve a high degree of planning and expense.

High-quality video filmed by external videographer.

These videos are produced, directed and entirely in house by the communications team, and are particularly well suited to online/social media use.  

Scripted and produced entirely in house, these screencasts are useful for brief tutorials.