Web Tools

Web Technologies

The Sage website is currently utilizing some open source technologies to enhance the users experience on our website. These tools include the open-source Reason Content Management System; Highslide JS, for in-browser image, page, and video popups; Flipping book for online publication presentations; and a couple of javascript image display scripts that include a random image selector, image rotator, and image slideshows. To view examples of all these technologies, please check out our samples page. If you would like to use any of these on your website, please contact Kevin Hanselman, Webmaster, at webmaster@sage.edu.

Campus Events

Online Events Calendar - A promotional calendar for all Sage events. Listings are displayed on www.sage.edu/events. Check with your website liaison to see if they have access to add or edit events on this calendar. If you need something added and your liaison does not have access please email the webmaster the following information:

  • Event title
  • Event description, including a short blurb for preview purposes and schedule if available
  • Event date(s), time(s), and location(s) - including campus and building (or off-campus address)
  • Event contact person (name, email, phone)
  • A website URL for more information (if available)

Online Admission Events Calendar - A listing of all the current admission events for each college. Students are able to register for these events online and a report can be made through the Admission office. If there is an event that needs to be added to this list, please email the webmaster the same information as above.

Campus Directory Online

The Sage Colleges offers an online directory for employees, faculty, and staff. The directory lists office location, campus, email and phone number. Users can search by name, department, title, or a new feature, topic. Topics include basic job duties, common functions, or generic information about the person or position. If there is an error in the directory listing please contact the Human Resources office. The topics are being maintained by the Retention team.

Short URL Redirects

Redirects shorten a long URL to a short one. Request one of the webmaster before you publish a long URL in print. If you are not sure if a short URL redirect has been created for you to use, please contact Kevin Hanselman, Webmaster at webmaster@sage.edu

For example:
www.sage.edu/art is much easier to remember than


The Communication department currently uses Constant Contact to send email newsletters, email promotions, and other mass emails to large lists of recipients. If you would like to send a mass email and would like to use these services, please contact the Communications department at (518) 244-2466 or by emailing communications@sage.edu.


Sage  offers a blog service to Sage faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The Sage Blogs website is using the common blogging software Wordpress. The Communication department is encouraging diverse and interesting blogs including specific academic topics, blogs about Sage life, helpful and informative blogs, entertaining and interesting blogs about extracurricular interests, and personal blogs to let people get to know our students and alumni.