Samples of Web Tools

This page showcases some samples of the current open source web tools that Sage utilizes to enhance the users experience on our website.

In-Browser Popups

Our website utilizes the javascript project Highslide to create an attractive popup window for images, videos, and web pages. Here are a couple of examples of each:


Along with the video popup as showcased in the previous examples, we can place the video straight on your page. Here is an example of a video embedded in the content:


You've spent countless hours working your fingers to the bone to get your publication to look exactly the way you want it, and now you want it on the website for all to see.

Through the use of a special software we have obtained, we can now showcase your publication as if a user was flipping through it in person. Here is an example of our use of ISSUU:

Rotating Images

Through a couple of different design styles, we are able to offer rotating images in or before content on a page. Some examples of image rotation can be found on a couple pages throughout our website. Examples include:

  • Rotating image - above content. Top image rotates in 3 second intervals
  • Rotating image - in content. Top image rotates in 3 second intervals