Troy Meeting Spaces

Bush Memorial Hall
The striking, historic lecture hall was once the interior of Troy's First Presbyterian Church. While the gorgeous stained-glass windows and vaulted ceiling remain, the space has been refurbished, carpeted, and outfitted with flexible seating and multimedia presentation equipment. The hall seats 250 auditorium style, or accommodates 140 for banquets. It is ideal for lectures, convocations, weddings, musical and choral performances, and meetings.

Troy Meeting Space 1

Buchman Pavilion & Sage Hall
The campus center is a spacious open hallway graced by a circle of columns underneath a glass dome. An excellent space for buffet-style receptions for up to 100, the many alcoves also provide ideal spaces for small gatherings or meetings. The pavilion adjoins Sage Hall.

Troy Meeting Space 2

Parlor 2-- Sage Hall/Buchman Pavilion
This graceful, formal well-lit space in historic Sage Hall has two adjoining rooms that accommodate 20 for receptions or meetings. Sage Hall adjoins the Buchman Pavilion.

Troy Meeting Space 3

Corrado Room-- Sage Hall/Buchman Pavillion
This charming meeting room holds six to eight at a formal conference table. Sage Hall adjoins the Buchman Pavilion.

Troy Meeting Space 4

Kellas Formal Lounge
This graceful space located on the first floor of a residence hall, and looking out on a charming courtyard, is used for participant check-ins, meetings, and small speaking engagements. Accommodates 40.

Troy Meeting Space 5

A spacious meeting/work space in the basement of residential Kellas Hall is great for work groups, informal meetings, and break-out sessions.

Troy Meeting Space 6

Seating Arrangements
Seating in all of our rooms can be arranged to meet your needs and maximize the effectiveness of your presentation. This diagram illustrates some options.

Troy Meeting Spaces Seating Diagam