SageAdvisor Financial Aid Information

SageAdvisor - Financial Aid information

Welcome to the SageAdvisor financial aid information page.  This page will help you maneuver through the financial aid section of SageAdvisor and answer  any questions you may have.  The following information is available on SageAdvisor - Financial Aid:

  • How to view your electronic award letter
  • Accept or reject your financial aid awards
  • Reduce your offered loan amounts
  • Read and Accept your Financial Aid Terms and Conditions
  • Email the Financial Aid Office
  • Ongoing notifications of missing documents or information needed to process your financial aid.  Please note: the office of Financial Aid will no longer be sending requests for documentation via the mail, all notifications will be available for students to view online.

How to use SageAdvisor - Financial Aid

The Financial aid section of SageAdvisor is your electronic notification of your financial aid for the 2015-2016 year.  Detailed instructions on how to access and use the financial aid section of SageAdvisor can be found here:

First time Students to The Sage Colleges
Returning Students to The Sage Colleges

My Documents

The "My Documents" link under the Communication section of SageAdvisor is going to be key to your financial success at The Sage Colleges.  This link is where the financial aid office will indicate any missing documentation or information you need to know in order for the college to process and receive your financial aid to pay your bill.

When you view "My Documents", if you have INCOMPLETE or PLEASE SUBMIT as a status, this means that the financial aid office (or whichever office is indicated under the requesting office) is in need of the information listed under "Description".  If the office that is requesting the information is  "Financial Aid Services", you can link to the "Financial Aid Forms/ Notification" Page (link) to retrieve the requested form or to get more information on what is needed.

SageAdvisor Financial Aid Information FAQ's

Click on the above link in order to find the answers to the msot common SageAdvisor questions.  If you need further assistance, you can contact the Financial Aid office at 518-244-4525 (Troy) or 518-292-1783 (Albany) or email us through SageAdvisor-financial aid; using the "Email Financial Aid".