Undergraduate Online Non-Matriculated Enrollment

If you have a high school diploma or equivalency you can enroll in The Sage Colleges as a non-matriculated student. A wide variety of online classes are available to you.

If you wish to enroll you will need to complete the on-line non-matriculated enrollment/registration form (the link is below).

Note: You will need to know which online course information you wish to register into prior to filling out the online form. Example; BUS 205 W1.  Search Sage course offerings for this information.

Sage Course Offerings (via SageAdvisor)

Non-matriculated students who want to pursue a degree with The Sage Colleges may take up to 9.0 credits non-matriculated prior to enrolling in a degree program.

Click here for the online non-matriculated enrollment/registration form

Once registered, students will utilize The Sage Colleges email system, MySage, as their main form of communication with the college. Students will utilize SageAdvisor for registration, payment, and accessing their student record. For details on additional technological services available to you after registration, click here.  Good Luck, and thank you for choosing Sage!