Wireless Locations

Albany Campus

Albany is a wireless campus. Below is a list of specific areas where the wireless access points are located. There are also several outdoor locations that are covered by wireless.

Administration Building - First and Second floor

Residence Hall - All floors

Graphic Design Building - All floors

Froman Hall - All floors

Library - All floors

Interior Design Building - All floors

Fine Arts Building - All floors

Opalka Gallery - All floors

West Hall - First and Third floor

Science Building - All floors

Kahl Center - All floors

Dean's Office/Advisement - All floors

Rathbone Hall - All floors

Health Science - All floors

Gym - Basement and Third floor

Troy Campus

Many areas of the Sage troy Campus are already have wireless coverage and they are listed below. In addition to those list there is a project in the works that will add 50+ access points to the Troy Campus. All wireless access points will be deployed the beginning of the Fall '08 semester. The placement of the wireless coverage is student driven (dorms, classrooms, study areas ...).

Cowee Hall - First and fourth floor

Library - All floors

Plum Building - Basement and First floor

Kellas Hall - All floors

Buchman Pavilion - First floor

Ricketts - Basement First and Fourth floors

Manning - All floors

French House - All Floors

Science Hall - All floors

Schacht Fine Arts Center - All floors

Education Building - All floors

John Paine Building - First floor

Wool House - All floors

McKinstry - First floor

Ackerman - Basement Second and Third floors

Hart Hall - First floor

Sage Hall - Second and Fifth floor

Slocum Hall - All floors

Gurley - All floors

German House - Second and Third floor

Alumni House - Second Floor

McMurray - All floors

Spanish House - Second and Third floor

Frear House - First floor

Spicer - Second and Third floor

Gale House - Second and Third Floor







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