Alcohol Screening

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No doubt you're stressed - between classes, studying, work, family commitments, no sleep - you want something to take the edge off. You see other people drinking alcohol and lots of it---beer, shots, something, anything to get a buzz, and you figure it's normal. Yet when alcohol is your only means of feeling good, relieving stress or bonding with your friends, something isn't right.

Despite what you might believe, excessive drinking or binge drinking - consuming five or more drinks in one setting - is NOT THE NORM. In fact, the average number of drinks a Sage student has when they party is 3. Contrary to popular belief, black-outs (memory loss) are not a normal part of drinking and vomiting is not attractive.

To empower yourself, it's important to know the facts about alcohol and pay attention to how, when and why you drink. This April, TSC Wellness Center is offering free, anonymous on-line alcohol screenings to help identify how you are using alcohol.

Visit this site to begin the anonymous questionnaire:

Mental Health Screenings »

The brief questionnaires are completely confidential and provide immediate feedback as well as information on how to get help if you or someone you care about needs it. Don't let too much alcohol rob you of your college years! And the Wellness Center staff is always here to listen and help you throughout the year.