Meet The Students

Nicole Surace

RSC 2007
Forensic Science/Chemistry Major

Forensic Science/Chemistry double major Nicole Surace 06 has an ambitious goal: to earn a Ph.D. and work as a forensic anthropologist. Russell Sage gave her a tremendous head start. Nicole landed an internship with Evident Technologies in the research and development area through INVEST, a new nanotech incubator on the Russell Sage campus.

My internship helped me build lab experience. These days, to even apply for a job these days, you need to have lab experience, she says. I wasn't just a gopher, I was actually setting up experiments and running reactions. At the same time, I learned how tech companies are run. The internship gave me an edge both for grad school and for my career. It was real-world experience I would never get in a classroom. Needless to say, it looks awesome on my resume.

When she's not at the lab, she's always on the go. "My day is a busy mix of classes, my internship, and hanging out with my friends in the dorms or in Troy. I can't picture myself anywhere else. At Russell Sage, you feel like you've accomplished something at the end of every day."

Meet the Students - Michelle Hunsinger - JPEG

Michelle Hunsinger

RSC 2006
Forensic Science

RSC senior and Evident intern Michelle Hunsinger '07 is learning "pretty much everything about quantum dots" in her internship. Not sure if she wanted to practice her forensic science career in the field or in the lab, this experience has been a deciding factor for her: she likes the lab.

Read about more women doing science in the first nanosciences business incubator at a women's college.

Meet the Students - Kirstin Kroll - JPEGKirstin Kroll

RSC 2007
Interdisciplinary Studies/Occupational Therapy
Portland, Maine

Russell Sage College has given me the unique opportunity to create my own major. I want to go into occupational therapy, but I also am interested in international studies. I participated in an exchange program in Germany, and hope to work as an OT overseas someday. Sage's Interdisciplinary Studies program allows me to combine International Studies with Therapeutic Studies to earn my bachelors degree, and then continue on to earn my masters degree in Occupational Therapy in just five years.

Sage made it possible for me to attend by awarding me an annual Presidential Scholarship. My advisor has been great, and I love the small class sizes here and the traditions that create friendships and exciting competition between classes.

I first became interested in occupational therapy while volunteering at a rehabilitation hospital in high school, for which I received the Volunteer of the Year Award. I always wanted to change the perception that older people have of youth. I was a member of the Maine State Youth Council, volunteered as a ski instructor for handicapped skiing, and was nominated for a Teens Who Care Award. Ive found that Russell Sage encourages you to be yourself and to make a difference.

Meet the Students - Samira Khan - JPEGSamira Khan

RSC 2005
Psychology/Biology (Pre-Med)
Latham, N.Y.

Although I attended many college fairs and saw a variety of college represented, Russell Sage stuck out to me. The small class size has allowed me to get to know my professors, and I enjoy seeing them on campus and knowing Im not just another face. A womens college makes me comfortable to be myself growing up in the Middle East, they did not mix genders in school -- while meeting many different people.

I decided in high school to be a psychologist, but then I got a job working at Albany Medical Center. I got turned on to the idea of being a physician, so I decided to minor in Biology to complete a Pre-Med track. Now I hope to go to medical school after college.

One great thing about attending Russell Sage is that I can get a great education while living at home. My family and I are very close, and I can save money living at home, but still meet tons of great people by being involved on campus. I am the Activities Chairperson for the RSC Commuter Board, which keeps commuter students like me informed and active on campus.

Meet the Students - Juliana Reiner - JPEG

Juliana Reiner

RSC 2004
Nutrition Science
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Have you ever turned a personal challenge into an opportunity? I have, and I couldn't have done it without Russell Sage. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a serious disorder that severely restricts my diet. I decided to transfer to Sage to study Nutrition Science, because I now benefit from a healthy diet and I want to help others feel better too.

I received the O'Connor Foundation Scholarship from Sage that made it possible for me to attend. I found everyone so supportive, from my advisor, nutrition professor Millie Estes, to the head of Dining Service, Mo Schifley. Mo took me on a tour of the kitchens and discussed my dietary needs with the cooks, so I could call ahead and have gluten-free food prepared in a pinch.

I have been accepted to Boston University's graduate program in Nutrition. I want to become a Registered Dietitian and work at a Celiac Disease research center someday, to help educate doctors and the public. Who knows, someday I may even write a book for college students about coping with the disease!

At Russell Sage, you'll be transformed. You'll find within yourself a desire to make a difference, and the tools to succeed. Enjoy!