Founder's Seminar

Founder's Seminar (SST 111-112) is a two-semester study of a single topic that is intellectually challenging for students and faculty; some of the topics studied include "Evidence," "Passion," "Edges & Middles." Students who are recipients of the various merit scholarships are automatically enrolled in the seminar as a requirement of their award. The seminar is open, with permission, to other interested first-year students on a space-available basis.

In the fall, students discuss presentations on the topic made by faculty from the different disciplines and professions.

In the spring, students develop their scholarly voices as they work on topically-organized individual projects which they present to their classmates.

Students earn 1 1/2 credits (Pass/Fail) each semester.

Founder's is an entry point for the Russell Sage Honors program, Honoring Women's Voices.