Adventures in Nano-scale Chemistry

This web site is intended as a resource for teachers and students, at both the high school and the undergraduate college level. Click here for a detailed description of our NSF funded project. Follow the links in the right pane to download laboratory modules.

Introduction to Nano-scale Science

From 2009 to the present our project has been to incorporate nano-scale teaching and learning into the curriculum at Russell Sage. In the first year, we adapted some of the materials posted on this University of Wisconsin website for our own use. A core group of students developed our starting set of lab modules (listed to the right), and in the process became very familiar with the chemistry and physics of some nanoscale materials, and some of their nanotechnology applications. These students introduced the initial modules to other students in a variety of undergraduate chemistry and physics courses starting in the Fall 2009 semester. In subsequent years, we have been developing our own unique modules (tied in with INVEST) and expanding the reach of this project to students and teachers in as many disciplines as possible.

Click here to download a copy of our lab module on Atomic Force Microscopy for General Physics I.

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