NSF Support

NSF Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program (award 0736881)

Sage is one of only 150 institutions out of 893 applicants to be given this grant, putting it in a select group nationwide. Making use of the INVEST facility, the project is adapting existing nanotechnology learning experiences from around the country while specifically addressing the need for recruiting women into the physical sciences, and nanotechnology in particular. This grant will support ongoing efforts in the department and at RSC:

  • enhancing the ability of undergraduates to visualize and understand nanoscale science concepts and giving them hands-on experiences related to nanotechnology.
  • preparing undergraduates to be fully prepared to undertake careers in the workforce or to enter graduate studies in nanoscale science.
  • educating future teachers about nanoscale science and the societal issues arising from this emerging technology while developing their teaching skills.
  • enabling students to have significant interdisciplinary peer interactions, nurturing an appreciation in students for the multi-disciplinary nature of nanotechnology.

Principal Investigator: Tom Keane