4+3 Accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Some students may find the 4+3 Program option allows them to be more successful in achieving the academic standards required to continue in the DPT Program. This program option also allows greater latitude for additional electives and is more conducive to participation in intercollegiate sports and other extracurricular activities. Women entering Russell Sage College from high school or transferring from another undergraduate institution complete a bachelor's degree along with the DPT program prerequisites. Qualified students who meet DPT program GPA requirements by December of the fourth year will enter into the graduate DPT program the summer following their fourth year.

4+3 Undergraduate Degree Options

Students may complete a bachelor's degree in any undergraduate major at Russell Sage College. Along with their undergraduate major and general education requirements, they will need to complete the DPT program prerequisites (Anatomy and Physiology I and II; Physics I and II; General Chemistry I and II; Cell Biology; Introduction to Psychology; Human Development; and Statistics).


Admission to the 4+3 Program at Russell Sage College and Requirements for Continuation into the DPT Program