Premedical Studies: Pre-Physican Preparation

BS Biology

Doctors and surgeons have one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers. Biology majors are well-prepared for entry into medical programs to earn an MD or DO. You will work closely with your advisor who helps you in this process. Part of the application process includes writing a statement of goals including plans for research, community projects, and academic work and interviews with the Sage premedical committee and the medical schools. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in required coursework in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Some of our successful Biology premed graduates attended:

Here are the basic requirements you will meet as a Biology Premed student:

  • 8 credits general biology
  • 8 credits general chemistry
  • 8 credits organic chemistry
  • 8 credits physics
  • 3-4 credits biochemistry
  • 6 credits social sciences

Note: Some medical schools also require calculus.

Then you will add

  • medically related courses including immunology, biochemistry, neurobiology, and anatomy & physiology,
  • engage in undergraduate research and present the results at national or local conferences,
  • and, perhaps, intern with an MD or DO.

Our premed majors are encouraged to complete required courses to sit for the MCAT exam by the end of their 3rd year. We also encourage you to sign up for MCAT review by Princeton, Learning Accord, or by Kaplan. You can prepare in classes, online, or with a private tutor.