Senior Research Symposium in Biology

Biology Students:

Senior Symposium, 2013

Celebrating our great success!

Check out the interesting projects:

The Effects of a Balance Intervention Program on Elderly at Risk of Falling that Includes Education on Fall Prevention, Walking, and Wii Bowling, Kylie Cavallaro and Nicole Riley

Effect of Ingestion of M. vaccae by Pregnant Mice on Learning and Anxiety Behaviors in Their Offspring, Angelica Costello1,2 and Dana Schleifstein1,2

The Effects of Blue or Green Light on Crayfish Aggression, Michelle Driscoll and Arika Mathews

Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Wound Repair, Breanne Jurbala

Inhibition of Growth Factor Signaling Reduces Epithelial Cell Migration, Laura Kazukenus

Do Ambient Light Levels Influence Nest Site Selection in Two Species of Cavity-Nesting Ants? Katherine Motler

Accurately Targeting Yearling Pumpkinseed Fish for PCB Analysis, Gina Pendolino2

Wolbachia Bacteria Correlate with Reproductive Behaviors in Two Ant Species, Mackenzie Riley2

Potential Queen Ant Larvae and Their Evolutionary Response to Mechanical Stress, Elizabeth Salazar2

Effect of M. vaccae on Ultrasonic Vocalizations of Mice in Fearful Situations, Chelsea Sipperly1,2

1presented at National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

2presented at TriBeta Regional Conference