Chemistry Careers

Graduates of Russell Sage College with degrees in Chemistry or Biochemistry have pursued a variety of successful professional careers. Approximately one-third have completed doctoral programs in science or medicine, with degrees from such prestigious universities as Brandeis, Columbia, Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon State, Washington and Yale. Many others have completed master's degrees.

Graduates hold research and development positions in a wide variety of companies representing areas such as

  • chemistry (DuPont, Sterling),
  • pharmaceuticals (Pfizer, Norwich),
  • paper (Weyerhauser, Manning),
  • electronics (General Electric, RCA),
  • environmental (Adirondack Environmental, Radian),
  • bio-technology (Biotransplant, Moleculon),
  • instruments (Waters, Varian),
  • computers (IBM, Digital),
  • rubber (Goodrich, Uniroyal),
  • petroleum (Mobil, Texaco), etc.

Other graduates are working with government agencies such as NASA or private research institutes such as the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. There are also graduates who have pursued such diverse careers as chemical engineering, dietetics, computer science, management, medical technology, forensic science, law, scientific writing as well as teaching at both the high school and college level.

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