Childhood Education

Russell Sage College offers four-year degree programs leading to a degree in Childhood Education with  a Liberal Arts major in a variety of areas. The childhood education program prepares students for NYS teacher certification in grades one through six. Students will have the opportunity for extensive clinically rich experiences in professional development school settings in junior year methods classes and again during student teaching. Professional Development Schools offer pre-service teachers the opportunity to learn from both the college professor and a coaching teacher. Students have the option of extending their certification to include Middle Childhood Education by engaging in two additional courses and one additional student teaching opportunity. With careful planning of the undergraduate program, students may accelerate their graduate study by beginning graduate coursework in the senior year.

Where you'll go

The education of children is perhaps one of the most important and meaningful professions. Education is a very demanding field but the rewards are many. Teachers have the opportunity to touch and perhaps change the lives of young people and give them a legacy of learning to last their lifetimes.

Sage’s education programs are accredited by NCATE, the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. Sage’s teachers are fully prepared with a solid background in both childhood education and a in a variety of fields (ie: English, History, Social Studies, Math, Science).  If you are driven by a passion to teach, then your place is here.

What you'll do

  • Teach children in grades 1 through 6.
  • Help students of differing learning levels and capabilities learn and flourish.
  • Navigate the 21st century classroom, keeping current on educational technology and best practices for teaching and learning.

What you'll earn

Teachers can earn from $39,000 to more than $68,000 a year.

At Sage you will

  • be guided by faculty as you log hundreds of hours of classroom time working with children in various educational settings.
  • attend courses in educational methodology and implement lessons in public schools.
  • and you will provide tutoring in literacy for neighborhood children.

Designated education classes have classroom observation hours as a requirement. This observation component typically begins in the spring of the freshman year.

Masters Degree:

Sage also offers a Masters Degree in teaching. Teacher Candidates in childhood education who have liberal arts majors in English, mathematics, science, or history may choose to complete the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), giving them certification in grades 1-12. For all childhood education majors, graduate study in Literacy, Special Education or the dual program in Literacy and Special Education, leads to a second teaching certification.

You may have the opportunity to accelerate into Sage Graduate School earning 6 credits as an undergraduate, if you maintain 3.0 GPA.