Criminal Justice

Where you’ll go…

It’s the real-life Law & Order. Working in the criminal justice system can be a very challenging and rewarding professional experience. Whether you serve as a law-enforcement officer, attorney, policy analyst, advocate, or any number of roles in the field, you’ll enter a fascinating world in which you can make a difference.

At Sage, you’ll explore the overall functioning of the criminal justice system in the U.S. and may choose to undertake special coursework in such areas as victimology, evidentiary law, and the death penalty.

With a degree in Criminal Justice from Sage, you will be prepared to work in any facet of the criminal justice system. The solid foundation you gain at Sage will enable you to find your place in this important field.

What you’ll do…

See yourself

  • Becoming an attorney or entering government service.
  • Protecting the public as a local, state or federal law enforcement officer.
  • Pursuing a M.S. in Forensic Mental Health.
  • Advocating for victims seeking justice and support.
  • Working in the corrections system as a probation officer or correctional official.

Wherever you go and whatever you do with your degree in Criminal Justice, you’ll be in demand for your skills, your knowledge and your desire to be of service to others.

What you’ll earn…

As an attorney you can earn from $45,000 to more than $140,000. Law enforcement officers and criminal investigators can earn from $26,000 to more than $83,000, and more than $92,000 in management positions.

At Sage you’ll…

Take an array of core criminal justice courses as well as electives that explore fascinating topics such as the death penalty, evidence, women in criminal justice and family law.

Intern at probation departments, domestic violence shelters, law offices, and community-based agencies. All students will complete a minimum one-semester internship.

Qualified students may choose to pursue a law degree through the 6-year joint B.A./B.S. and J.D. degree program with Albany Law School.

Sage graduates include lawyers; probation officers; a correctional academy instructor; social science policy analysts; victims’ advocates; youth court directors; and local, state and federal law enforcement officials.

The department also offers a minor in Criminal Justice.