Ekaterina Kagan, PhD

Dr. Ekaterina Kagan
Assistant Professor of Spanish
: kagane@sage@edu                          
phone: 244-2238
Office: Carriage House, #3


Ph.D. Hispanic Languages and Literatures, Moscow State University, Fall 2002.

M.A. Spanish Language and Literature, Diploma Summa Cum Laude of Moscow State University, with a title: “Philology. Professor of the Spanish language and the foreign literatures”, May, 1999.

Title of Master's Thesis: “El léxico internacional en los países de América Latina”. The degree is approved and certified in Spain by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

B.A. Spanish Language and Literature.  Moscow State University, May 1997. Diploma Summa Cum Laude.


“La influencia de los substratos y los adstratos a la formación del léxico de                

 los variantes nacionales de la lengua española en Puerto Rico, República Dominicana y Cuba”.

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Vinogradov V.S., Distinguished professor of Spanish, Moscow State University

Courses Taught:


·         SPA-348-Latin Amer. Society/Culture

·         SPA-348-19th-20th centuries Spanish novel                                         

·         SPA-335-Latin American Society in Film

·         SPA-307-Adv Spanish Composition

·         SPA-301-Adv Spanish Conversation

·         SPA 278 – Spanish for Health Professions

·         SPA 248 –Brazilian Literature and Culture

·         SPA-211-Adv Intermediate Spanish

·         SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II

·         SPA 201-Intermediate Spanish I

·         SPA 102-Intro to Spanish II

·         SPA 101-Intro to Spanish I

·         RUS-248-Intermediate Russian

·         LAP-100-Language Learning Strategies

·         Senior seminars:

·         Chronicles and Epics of Spanish Conquest

·         Introduction to Colonial Letters

·         Introduction to Multicultural Medieval Iberia


Major area of concentration: Linguistics (grammar, pronunciation, syntax, semantics, spelling); 17th -19th Century Spanish American Literature.

Minors: Pre-Columbian Epoch, Colonial to Independence and Contemporary Peninsular Literature.


Honors and Awards:

·         Ph.D. Research /Travel Grant  from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, 1999-2002

·         Faculty Development Research, Summer Stipend, Moscow State University, 2002.

·         Faculty Development Research Grant, Moscow State University, 2001.

·         Summer Research Initiative Grant, Moscow State University, 2003.

·         Graduate Scholarship, 1997.




·         “Russian-Spanish phrase book” Moscow, Russia (updated, revised and printed in 4 editions), 2010. Print.


·         “Introduction to France” (the manual of the French Language and Literature) Moscow, Russia (updated, revised and printed in 2 editions), 2010. Print.

Books in progress:

·         “Introduction to Latin America” The textbook of the Spanish Language and Literature in Mexico, Central America and South    

·         America). Approved for publishing in 2011.

·         “Unidad en diversidad” (Unity in variaty) The book is designed to learn Spanish culture through legends, myths, fairy tails and songs.




·         “Los nuevos metodos en las novelas contemporanea espanolas”

o    Roman languages and cultures, Fall/Winter 2010, Moscow, Russia.

·         “Vicente Alberti “poeta de la calle”

·         Voices of young scientists, Moscow, Russia, 2008.

·         “Epoca histórica en las últimas poemas de Lorca”

§  INION at Russian Science Academy, # 742791, Fall/Winter 2009, Moscow, Russia.

·         “Indo-African elements in the idiomatic expressions in Cuba”

o    Historical philology, Moscow, Russia, 2003.

·         “The Indo-African origin of archaisms in Dominican Republic and Puerto-Rico”

o    7th Polivanov Readings, Smolensk, Russia, 2003.

·         “English words in national variants of the Spanish language in Caribbian”

o    Roman languages and cultures, Moscow, Russia, 2003.

·         “National variants and their dialectical forms”

o    Russian historical filology, Petrozavodsk, Russia, 2001.

·         “The factors of the formation of language variants in the Caribbean”

o    Roman languages and cultures, Moscow Russia, 2001.

·         “Linguacultural specification of the formation of language variants in the countries of the Caribbean”

            Voices of young scientists. Issue Fall/Winter 2001, Moscow, Russia.

·         “The importance of Video in the Process of Teaching Languages”

·         Language teaching/Learning in the context of social changes.  Lithuania, Kaunas, 2000.

·         “The problem of existence and theory of the language variability”

o    5th Polivanov Readings, Smolensk, Russia, 2000.

·         “The Reculiarities of variability of the Spanish language in the countries of Latin America”

            INION at Russian Science Academy, # 55278, Moscow, Russia,  2000.

Professional Membership:

·         Modern Language Association (MLA)

·         Northeastern Modern Language Association (NEMLA)

·         American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP)

·         Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas (AIH)

·         Latin American Studies Association (LASA)