Math Outdoors 

A Smart Career Choice

Majoring in mathematics is not only an intellectually stimulating challenge with many applications, but it is also a smart career choice. In addition to the well-respected field of mathematics education, the top fifteen most valuable college majors, as noted by Forbes, each involve mathematical skills.  

Program Goals:

  • Prepare students for a variety of options in the field of mathematics by providing the necessary theoretical background as well as practical application. 
  • Upon successful completion of the mathematics program, a student will be well-positioned to enter a graduate program in mathematics, or to enter the workforce.

It All Adds Up

Studying Mathematics is the path to exciting and groundbreaking 21st century careers. Both traditional and cutting-edge, rapidly expanding fields depend on fundamental math concepts including statistics, algebra, and geometry. With a degree in Mathematics from Sage, your opportunities will multiply.

See Yourself...

  • Teaching math in any grade level you choose - or, with an advanced degree, at a college or university.
  • Becoming an airplane pilot, architect, astronomer, actuarial scientist, space traveler, video game creator, businessperson or stock market investor - all careers that require a solid background in math.
  • Pursuing a career as an engineer in any number of specialty fields.

If you would like to read more about possible careers for mathematics majors, check out the Career Profiles Page of the Mathematical Association of America.