Public Policy, Advocacy and Civic Engagement (PACE)

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Making a difference one step at a time.c-span panel New York’s Capital Region offers a rich laboratory of civic experiences for students who want to help make a difference in society. The region is home to New York State government, 60 school districts, over 120 local communities, more than 500 civic organizations, and a growing private sector of research and technology firms dedicated to improving the quality of life of in the region and beyond.

PACE students are well positioned to make the most of these opportunities as they advance their educational, career and civic goals.

C-Span StudentsIn their academic studies, PACE students study the inner workings of American governmental and civic organizations, the ways in which public policy is made, and the practice of politics, advocacy, and civic engagement. They also delve into the lives of exemplary citizens and leaders, track current policy issues, and explore pathways - such as law, criminal justice, economics, globalization, and environmental policy. PACE students also hone their communications skills and sharpen their policy research and analytical skills. 

As a career gateway, PACE provides students with multiple opportunities to practice what they are learning in the classroom. In special workshops, students work with practitioners on career-building skills from strategic planning to grass-roots mobilization and fundraising. Students also work together as a team on a civic project, do one or more internships, and prepare a capstone research project in which they draw on the knowledge and skills they have developed.