Pre-Medical Studies: Pre-Physician Assistant Preparation

Physician assistant is one of the fastest growing professions in the USA. Our program gives you the foundational courses required by many schools offering a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant. At Sage you can enroll in courses to distinguish you such as Pathology & Prevention of Injuries, Orthopedic Evaluation, and Pharmacology. You also have the option of taking upper level courses in neurobiology and pathophysiology. All pre-PA students must gain patient contact experience.

You will create a competitive application for PA programs across the country!

Great Opportunities

Joint Program with AMC

First-year Biology majors can gain acceptance to both Russell Sage College and Albany Medical College PA School in an accelerated program!

If you are a qualified first-year student, then you can receive acceptance to both the Russell Sage College BA Biology program and the Albany Medical College MS Physician Assistant program. You will be in an accelerated program and enter the PA program at AMC the second semester of your senior year. You will not have to take the GRE exams, but you will have to get good grades (at least a 3.2 GPA).

Or you can gain early assurance acceptance applying to AMC your junior year. Contact Dr. Mary Rea.

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