Honors Project History

Undergraduate Special Honors in Psychology Name Year Topic
Blanchard, Donnamarie 1995 The Effect of Knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act Upon Attitudes Toward Hiring Individuals with a Physical Disability
Bolivar, Blanca 2001 Why do children play Pokeman? The influences of Gender and Social Status
Borstein, Sheila 1989 A Survey of Perceived Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction with Sexuality in the Older Adult
Boswell, Germayne 1976 The Influence of One's Personality Upon Dormitory Selection
Bowen, Michelle 1989 The Cognitive Interview: Refined to Include Random Sequential Ordering of Questions and Misleading Post Event Information
Brennan, Amanda 2007 Social and Informational Uses of the Internet: A Gender and Generational Comparison
Buchanan, Jessica 2003 Effects of background music on word list recall
Clever, Stacy 2004 The Effect of Induced Stress Level on Performance Among Those High and Low in Neuroticism
Coppa, Stephanie 2009 When Azul is Yellow and Madre is Green: Using the Stroop Task to Explore Language Organization in Bilinguals
Cristo, Katherine 2007 The Psychology of Tipping
Cunningham, Julie 2008 An Investigation of Gender Differences in the Experience of Flow among Runners
DeJulio, Colette 2005 Matching of Therapist to Client Characteristics: Increasing Therapeutic Success
Dellow, Susan 1987 Metamemory in the Institutionalized and the Nonininstitutionalized Elderly
Elacqua, Tina 1992 Factors Affecting the Adjustment Among First Year Students At a Women's College
Eldred, Darnae 1993 Children's Creative Writing: A Content Analysis for Gender, Age and Cohort Differences
Fisher, Mary 1988 The Relationship Between Religiosity and Alcohol Consumption of College Women
Flannery, Elizabeth 1977 Expectancies of Success and Causal Attributions in Relation to Sex, Task and Outcome
Fleischman, Beth 1976 A Correlation Study Between Personality Traits of College Students and Major Fields of Study
Fosmire, Amanda 2002 Eating Habits of College Students and How They Differ Across Residency, Ethnicity, Gender and Age
Fosmire, Eldora 1991 Perceptions of Family Cohesion and Power in Traditional Aged College Women During Typical and Conflictual Times
Fullum, Lori 1991 When do children become aware of their body image and when do children form negative attitudes toward obesity?
Gilman, Debra 1987 A Needs Assessment of the Counseling Center at RSC
Gladstone-Strobel, Abby 1999 The Effect of Inclusion on the Peer Perceptions of Efficacy, Academic Success, and Sociometric Choice, of Students with Disabilities
Glowatsky, Phyllis 1980 The Effect of Father Presence vs. Father Absence on Varieties of Achievement Motivation
Guay, Jennifer 2007 Self-disclosure and Risk Perception: Adolescents' use of social networking sites on the Internet
Herbert, Leslie 1993 Connoted Meaning of Descriptive Terms Across Food Nutrients
Hood, Teresa 1987 The Effect of "However" on Comprehension of Expository Text by College Students
Izzo, Jane 2000 Transfer Student Adjustment at a Four-Year, Liberal Arts, Women's College
Johnson, Karin 1982 College Women's Performance Self-Esteem As a Function of Choices of Professional or Liberal Arts Major and Class
Jones, Terry 1990 An Application of Bandura's Self-Efficacy Theory in a Field Study to Determine the Conversational Antecedents of Yelling Behavior of People Who Have Schizophrenia, Disordered Eating, and Body Dissatisfaction
Khan, Samira 2005 Modulation of crayfish behavior by means of altering light and dark cycles
Knighton, Lili 1997 College Women's Experiences of Empowerment
Kwiatkowski, Katherine 2000 Russell Sage Students' Attitudes Toward Mental Illness: A Comparison with a National Sample
Lattimore, Alison 1993 Beliefs of Adult Children of Alcoholics: Spirituality and World Assumptions
LeGrys, Wendy 1978 A Comparison of Nursing Majors and Physical Education Majors With Respect to Their Career Influences, Perceived Sex Role and the Stereotypes of the Careers
Lemery, Robin 1992 The Effects of Abstinence in Recovering Alcoholics on Suicide Attempts
Lineberry, Lisa 1989 The Effects of Locus of Control, Assertiveness and Social Support on Stress in Female College Students
Luciano, Sarah 2005 Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Students' Perception of Classroom Climate
Lyford, Michele 1989 Families' Suggestions for Improvement of the Type of Respite Care They Utilize
Lyman, Kathy 1980 The Effects of Stress on Eating Behavior
Lyons, Heather Bea 1996 Evaluating Menstruation: Preparation, Practice and Affect
Magee, Diana 1984 Day Care: The Working Mother's Perspective and Other Related Issues
Maher, Marie 1995 The Effect of Visual Perception on Mental Imagery Processes Used in Working Spatial Problems
Malone, Kelly 2007 Effect of light on Aggressive Motivation in Crayfish
Marcil, Ellen 1983 The Feminine Sex-Role and Style of Influence
Mazzota, Amy 1992 Effect of Film Induced Positive Mood on the Eating Behavior of Emotional and Restrained Eaters
McCarthy, Margaret 1993 The Psychosocial Effects of Parental Alcoholism on Children
McGarry, Joseph 1996 Correlation of PK Scale Scores to Dissociative Experiences Scale Scores in a Substance Abuse Population
Melton, Jennifer 2007 Undergraduate Identity Development: A New Measure of Marriage and Family Identity Status
Mesch, Andrew 1995 Adults with Asthma: The Relationship Between Asthma and Medication Use, Anxiety Sensitivity and Coping Strategies
Michelson, Kara 1995 What is Beautiful is Worth Helping
Miller, Christine 1984 The Personality Between the Artwork: Case Studies of Three Artists
Monroe, Amanda 2007 Procrastinate your way to the top: A closer look at active versus passive procrastination
Morris, Karen 1989 Do Major and Class Year in College Influence Test Anxiety?
Mulqueen, Maryellen 1977 Are There Sex Differences In Mythical and Factual Knowledge of Rape?
Murray, Kerry 1995 Women's Body Image Perceptions and the Effect on Food Selection/Consumption
Jeanne Mrozinski 2003 Womens Satisfaction with College: Different for Single-Sex and Coeducational students?
O'Donnell, Eileen 1987 The Occipital Cortical Thickness of Male Rats, 54 Days Apart in Age, Housed Together: Age Specific and Mixed
Oliver, Ashley 2010 Coming to Terms with the "Wild Things": Imagination versus Avoidance Coping
Ouellette, Amy 2001 Health Risk Behavior in the College Population, the Treatment and Perception in College Health Centers, and the Coverage in Campus Newspapers
Palmer, Denise 1993 The Relationship of Mothers' and Fathers' to the Self-Esteem Development of Daughters
Porter, Angela 1998 Alcohol Use in a College Setting: Comparing Traditional Age Female Students, Returning Women, and Female College Employees
Pulver, Marby 1977 The Investigation of Selected Psychological Aspects Which Influences a Woman High School Gymnast Competitor
Qualtere, Camille 1978 The Influence of Bilingualism on Performance In Three WISC Subtests
Reles, Lisa 2007 The effect of light and shaking stress on agonistic interactions in crayfish
Sacco, Catherine 1984 Drinking Patterns and Practices of Students at RSC
Sargent, Mary 1980 The Effect of a Left-Handed Drawing Task on the Creative Functioning of Right-Handed RSC Women
Schoonbeck, Lucinda 1997 Body Dissatisfaction and Attitudes towards Liposuction, The Effects of Expectancy Disconfirmation and Similarity upon Persuasion
Schubmehl, Amelia 2008 A Comparison of T-Regulatory cells in a subpopulation of mice with Lupus erythematosus
Scull, Lianna 2004 The Effect of Intimate Romantic Relationships in Adolescence on Self-Esteem among Emerging Adults
Shinkle, Sarah 2009 The Effect of Work and School Congruence on Job Satisfaction among College Students
Siegmann, Sara 1992 Asking Questions in Math: the Influences of Gender, Goal, Orientation and Perceived Math Ability
Slatcher, Ruth Anne 1987 Personal Factors Differentiating Compatible and Incompatible Roommates
Sullivan, Elizabeth 1996 Women's Choice of College Major: An Investigation of Personality Variables
Szary, Jane 1979 Acknowledged Jealousy vs. Jealousy Manifested on the 16PF
Tassone, Annette 1987 The Effects of Dimensional Preferences and Experimenter's Stimulus Demonstration on the Concepts Area Sorting Task on the DIAL-R
Thav, Rebecca 1987 The Susceptibility Of Children Of Alcoholics To Eating Disorders And/Or Alcoholism
Tracy, Katharine 2005 Effects of photoperiod on crayfish aggressive behavior and gender differences
Vadnais, Krista 1997 College Women's Perceptions of High School and College Friends
VanAlstyne, Ruth 1987 The Influence of Self Esteem, Interest Compatibility, Sexual Exclusiveness, and Degrees of Commitment on the Experience of Jealousy Feelings and Behaviors
Warshaw, Diane 1986 Teachers' Perceptions of Undergraduate College Students
Watrous, Lorena 1983 Early Peer Interactions: A Comparison of Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviors
Weber, Katrina 1998 Self-Esteem, Intimacy, and Coping within the Mother-Daughter Relationship
Werlin, Barbara 1976 Differences in Dormitory Environments at RSC as Assessed By The University Residence Environment Scale
Wyczawski, Windy 2005 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Derogation and the Perception of Threat among Women
Zajesky, Virginia 1998 How Returning Women Cope With Multiple Roles
Ziegler, Christina 1989 Personal and Situational Influences On Attributions of Blame Made to Spinal Cord Injured Persons