Psychology Internships

Students in 06-07 worked at a variety of settings:  In schools, with school psychologists or professional school counselors; at the YWCA in a women's transitional residence program; at a drug and alcohol treatment facility; and in a program for victims of sexual assault. These students learned how to make a difference!

Another student, combining interests in psychology and political science, spent her spring semester at the NYS Legislature, working with Assembly member Deborah Glick. 

Two of the 2007-08 Interns worked with a school psychologist, one in the Troy School District at the high school level and the other in the Saratoga School System, at the elementary school level. Another student worked at the Center for Disability Services in the Neurology Clinic, learning about the interface between health psychology and medicine. She is now in a PhD program in Clinical/Health Psychology.

Yet another student worked with a special Veterans Assistance program, called Soldiers’ Heart.  She found the experience very valuable but decided counseling was not for her; instead, she is going on in organizational psychology. 

2008-09 found students at Hope House, a substance abuse treatment center, in Human Resources at General Electric, at schools working with school counselors or social workers, and at the RSC Career Services Center.  Students find these internship experiences really helpful in making career decisions.

In  2009-2010, five students worked at the following sites: Vanderheyden, a residential treatment center for youth; a self-contained Life Skills classroom in a Schenectady elementary school; the Career Center at Russell Sage College; and START, a treatment program for children who have been sexually abused.

Finally, this year, 2010-11, in the fall, a student worked at Hope House Adolescent Residential Treatment Center and in the spring, students  are working at Parsons Child and Family Center, Vanderheyden Group Homes, and with a school social worker in an elementary school in South Colonie. 

Where do YOU want to do an internship?  See Dr. Jean Poppei for more information (Gurley 409; [email protected])