Women in the World (WLD101/201)

WORLD 201 

What We Are Doing

WLD 101:  Reading Women's Voices and Developing Our Own (Fall)
WLD 201:  Researching Girls and Women's Lives Across the Curriculum (Spring)

In a global environment of wired connection, WORLD 101 and 201 challenge students to develop Voice including skill in multimodalities, lucid argument, quantitative analysis, research, and personal expression.  This team-taught, interdisciplinary course sequence views women's lives through the lens of historical, cultural, global, and systemic forces that shape women's opportunities and constrain their realization.  The materials of WLD 101 include multiple genres reflecting the strategies that writers and researchers use to make claims and provide warrant for their arguments.  A major objective of the course is for students to comprehend and analyze rhetorical styles of power and persuasion.  Students will gain experience in the comparison of texts through informal discussion and formal reflection.  In WLD 201, students will conduct a research-based project.  This will result in a paper and formal presentation at the WORLD conference. 

Since this course sequence is intended to be taken within the first two years, any student with 12 or more credits earned at The Sage Colleges or 24 accumulated credits, who has not yet received credit for or been waived, must register for the course in the next available semester, and continue to register for it each semester thereafter until taken and passed. (Waived for all second baccalaureate degree students. WLD 101 will be waived for all transfer students with a comparable course, or an associate degree, or 54 or more transferred credits at the time of matriculation.)