Chemistry Day 2013

Chemistry Club Represents Russell Sage at National Chemistry Day 2013

    On Saturday, October 19th, the Russell Sage Chemistry Club participated in National Chemistry Day at the NYS Museum in downtown Albany. Alongside other companies of the Capital Region, club members executed experiments created with the intent of exposing students to the world of chemistry. As students and parents navigated the tables, club members narrated their alternative energy demonstrations, eager to encourage the kids to see the importance of science.

"We, as relatively young adults have the ability to influence young minds by showing them how cool and applicable chemistry is and how widely it affects our lives. Telling kids they can be teachers, the president, policemen, or doctors is great, but all of those professionals also need scientists and engineers to help solve everyday problems, and unless they're exposed to it at a young age, that need is overseen by many kids and teens."  - Lisa Eytel, President, RSC Chemistry Club

    Other participants of the event included AMRI, The NY State Police Investigation Center, Rensselaer Chemistry Society, Siena College, Skidmore College, the College of Saint Rose, RPI, Union College. In addition to educating kids about science Chemistry Day 2013 2and chemistry, the event was a positive opportunity to represent Russell Sage College. As Chemistry Professor Dr. Thomas Gray expressed, "Many of the pre-school, grade school and high school students we spoke with could be Sage students in a few years!"