Research Opportunities at Russell Sage College

Faculty and students at Russell Sage College are engaged in research activity in the three primary ways: Student Research, Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research and Faculty Research.

Student Research

Required research projects are embedded in WORLD Research Poster
multiple courses at Russell Sage College so all students have the opportunity to gain experience in the discovery of new knowledge and the thrill of research.  Beginning in their first year, students learn research methodology and participate in research through their WORLD classes.

Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research

Gen Bio LabFaculty mentored undergraduate research is highly encouraged at Russell Sage College and even required for some programs.  The Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research provides resources to assist in research on papers and presentations. Center staff are available to assist students with presentation skills, posters, technical support, and publication and conference possibilities.




Faculty ResearchEnvironmental Studies

Faculty research efforts and grant applications are supported through the Sage Research Institute.