New Spring RSC Student Checklist

  • Once you submit your deposit to the Admission Office, the College will create your SAGEnet account, giving you access to MySage (formerly known as CampusCruiser) and SageAdvisor.  Your login and password information will be sent to you by email if you provided us with a personal email address or via U.S. mail.  Please note that you should check your Sage email account on a daily basis throughout your time at Sage.
  • Within a few days, the Office of Academic Advising will send an email to your Sage email account with your faculty advisor contact information and a web link for online registration and advising resources.  You will be pre-registered for spring courses based on the transcripts we have received to date.  Please note that you should work closely with your faculty advisor to make any adjustments to this preliminary schedule based on any current coursework that you may be in the process of completing.
  • Before contacting your advisor, familiarize yourself with the following resources.
    • Review the College Catalog online.  Pay particular attention to the General Education and Major Requirements for your program.  If you are undeclared, explore some of the programs that you are considering.
    • Review your academic information in SageAdvisor. View your online Transfer Credit Evaluation and run an Academic Evaluation Report (also known as a degree audit).  This should include any transfer credit the College has already received.  Refer to the link on the Advising Center’s website if you need help reading the report.
    • Review the upcoming Spring Course Schedule online through SageAdvisor  and prepare a preliminary course schedule (a blank schedule template can be obtained online) for the upcoming semester and any questions you might have for your advisor.
  • Contact your faculty advisor through your new Sage email account regarding your preliminary course schedule and registration for the upcoming semester.  At this time, you and your advisor may decide to discuss things over email, on the phone, or in person.  If you have trouble connecting with your faculty advisor, please contact the Advising Office for assistance.
  • Transfer Credit: Be sure to check your Transfer Equivalency Report in SageAdvisor to verify the courses that have been transferred to RSC, if any.  Contact Mary Dirolf in Student Services at [email protected] with any questions.  If you are currently enrolled in pre-requisites for courses you intend to take in the spring, please inform your advisor so that we can notify Student Services to allow you to register.   Be prepared to provide official descriptions of the courses you intend to transfer from another institution. 
  • Once you and your faculty advisor have agreed upon any required adjustments to your schedule, he or she will remove the Advisor Hold on your account, allowing you to drop/add courses online via SageAdvisor  for the upcoming semester.  After making any schedule adjustments, you should confirm your new class schedule posted in SageAdvisor  to verify that it is correct.
  • All new students are expected to attend Orientation to ensure a successful start to your first year at Russell Sage.
    • New Student Orientation: Friday, January 13, 2012
      (More information will follow from the Student Life office.)
  • Be sure to submit all required health and immunization forms to the Wellness Center prior to the start of the semester.  Review requirements at:
  • On January 16th, you should check your updated class schedule in SageAdvisor for classroom locationsClasses begin Tuesday, January 17, 2012.
  • New Students can consult with their faculty advisors throughout the semester and should begin planning their 2012-2013 schedules in March of 2012.