Commuter Life

As a Commuter Student, whether you are living at home or in apartment, you are a vital part of the Sage community. The majority of our students do commute, so you will be in good company. Getting involved in this community will make you a more successful student.

Places on Campus for Commuters

Buchman Pavilion & Sage Hall
The campus center is a spacious open hallway graced by a circle of columns underneath the glass dome. An excellent space for buffet-style receptions for up to 100, the many alcoves also provide ideal spaces for small gatherings or meetings. The pavilion adjoins Sage Hall. Also, there is a section called the Commuter Lounge where you can make yourself comfortable by watching TV, taking a time out on the couches, grabbing a bite to eat, read one of several free magazines, or even holding a small study group. Make sure to keep your eyes open for announcements from the Commuter Board on how to become more involved with the Sage community. Want to get involved right away? Contact the Commuter Board at [email protected].

Buchman Pavilion
This skylight-domed structure is the hub of the Troy campus. It provides a central social space for the campus community and links historic classroom and residence halls and the pedestrian Ferry Street Plaza. The Pavilion includes a cafe and bistro, plenty of nooks for studying and tables for meeting with classmates, and a wired commuter lounge.

Commuter Lounge
There is a commuter lounge located on the first floor of Gurley Hall. It is directly across from the Commuter Locker Room. This is a great place where you can go to study, watch TV, use the computer, eat lunch or just relax in between your classes.

McClellan Student Center located in McKinstry Hall
The Student Center is a place where students feel at home, where they gather for activities and events, to study, or just to relax.

10 things to do at the Student Center:

  1. Watch Netflix
  2. Rent videos and games
  3. Play Wii
  4. Rent rollerblades or bicycles (and safety helmets)
  5. Buy candy, soda & snacks at the Candy Counter
  6. Watch a movie with friends using our dvd library
  7. Lounge on the couches in between classes
  8. Use the kitchen to cook a special meal
  9. Throw a party!
  10. Play foosball, darts, ping pong, air hockey, or pool in the Game Room
  11. Attend Student Center programs such as performances, movie nights, bingo nights, and parties

There is a new space for you to be able to study, cook some food, hold meetings, etc. Above the Student Center, in the short wing of McKinstry on the first floor, is a space that houses club offices, a kitchen, and a pillow lounge. The pillow lounge was a gift from the Class of 2007. It is a comfortable place to lounge, study, hold a meeting, or even sing karaoke. The Commuter Board office is also located on this floor. And yes...there is a kitchen too!

Robison Athletic & Recreation Center
Robison is the Troy campus main resource for recreational sports, as well as serving as the home of the Russell Sage Gators intercollegiate teams.

Its resources include:

  • Two gyms for basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer and running/walking
  • The Multipurpose Room (MPR) for aerobics, running/walking and rollerblading, as well as special classes in yoga, kickboxing, dance, and more
  • Gator Pit Weight and Fitness Center, with a 10-piece weight circuit, free weights, treadmills, stair steppers, exercise bikes and other cardiovascular equipment

For more about the Student Center, contact the Office of Student Life at (518) 244-2207.