Co-Curricular Information

RSC Leadership Programs

RSC Leadership Programs

Student Government, Organizations & Honorary Societies

RSC has over 20 clubs and organizations where students can plan events, serve in leadership roles, and practice all their leadership skills.

Leadership Positions

Russell Sage College prepares women to be leaders and change agents for their multiple roles in the world. A range of academic, experiential, and practical applications allows RSC women to develop their leadership potential both in and out of the classroom.

Resident Assistants, Mentors, Peer Educators, Orientation Leaders, Student Center Assistants, Leadership Assistant, Tutors & Recreation Supervisors serve as peer leaders and role models for other students on campus and learn valuable skills for their future.

Academic Classes

The two interdisciplinary courses (Women in the World and Women Changing the World) combine academic and experiential learning to prepare graduates to have an impact on our changing world. Other classes give students an opportunity to explore leadership as it relates to a specific academic discipline or career.

Other Leadership Opportunities:

- Internships & co-ops

- Athletic teams & club sports

- Residence halls

- Spirituality Center

- Regional & National conferences

- Campus events & class activities

- Campus jobs

- Community service


RSC Student Clubs & Organizations

Biology Club

The Biology Club is open to all students who have an interest in learning more about the various aspects of the field of Biology. The Club sponsors speakers, field trips and various other activities related to this scientific field.

Black and Latin Student Alliance

The purpose of the Black and Latin Student Alliance is to bring about better understanding of the diverse cultures existing on campus by unity and also to do away with the misconception that the BLSA is only for students of color. The purpose is also to stimulate interest and participation in activities related to the academic, social and cultural affairs of Black and Latin students.


Any student interested in singing is welcome to join the Womens Chorus. Rehearsal time is required for the preparation of performances which take place both on and off campus. Sage Circle or one and a half academic credits can be earned through participation. Musical selections range from classical to lyrical songs. Select Womens Chorus consists of fifteen women who perform more difficult musical selections.

Creative Arts in Therapy (CATS)

Membership is open to all students of The Sage Colleges who are interested in the creative arts in therapy. The clubs purpose is to inform and educate the community about the Creative Arts in Therapy.

Mathematics/Computer Science Club

This club is open to all students who have an interest in math and/or computer science; you do not have to be a math or computer science major to join! The club has annual fundraisers to help sponsor scholarships and club get-togethers.

Nursing Club

This organization attempts to promote professional attitudes and interests in Nursing, as well as involve college nursing students in educational and social activities. Members participate in fundraising activities and volunteer work in the community.

Nutrition Club

The Nutrition Club is open to all nutrition majors. Its purpose is to inform students about special issues in nutrition and to guide students to their chosen career path. The club is also focused on community leadership and volunteer activities related to nutrition.

Physical Therapy Club

The Physical Therapy Club is open to anyone, especially P.T. majors. The club participates in community activities related to the physical therapy field.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is open to all students on campus. Its purpose is to promote and foster interest and knowledge in Psychology. We organize food drives, go on field trips, have speakers from Psychology-related fields and have social gatherings with club members, faculty and the Sage Community.

The Quill

The Quill is Russell Sages independent, student-run newspaper. The goals of the publication include accurate and responsible reporting of campus news and events, the determination of editorial policy and the opportunity for students, faculty, staff and administration to express their views in a constructive manner. Any interested student is more than welcome to become a member of the staff.

Sage Dance Ensemble

This club is open to all students on campus, but membership is determined through auditions. It performs once a year. Other opportunities include the chance to attend The National Dance Festival.


The Sagettes are a small a cappella singing group of Sage students selected by auditions. Their music, with four-part harmony, ranges from sentimental to popular tunes. This talented group performs at college functions and off campus events.

Spanish Club

Open to all students with an interest in Spanish and Hispanic cultures. The club sponsors cultural activities such as dinners, speakers, presentations, and participates in Hispanic Awareness Week. It also plays an active role in activities with the Spanish House.

RSC Honor Societies


The Athenians is the Russell Sage Academic Honor Society. It is composed of juniors and seniors who have achieved a cumulative average of 3.4 after four terms of work.

Alpha Kappa Delta

Honor Society in Sociology

Phi Lambda Epsilon

Chemical Honor Society

Alpha Phi Sigma

Honor Society in Criminal Science

Sigma Theta Tau-Delta Phi Chapter

National Nursing Honor Society

Beta Beta Beta

Honorary Society in Biology

Phi Kappa Phi

National Honor Society

Eta Sigma Gamma

National Professional Honorary Society in Health Science

Psi Chi

The National Honor Society in Psychology is for students who have a major or minor in Psychology and have obtained at least 12 credits in the field with a 3.0 average. Its purpose is to encourage, stimulate and maintain scholarship, and advance the science of psychology.

Phi Alpha Theta

The Pi Rho Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the international honor society in History was established at Russell Sage in 1970. The qualifications include 12 semester hours in History with an average of 3.0 or higher, an overall average of 3.0, and are in the top 35% of the class.

Sage Circle

The society of Russell Sage College recognizes students participation, leadership, and service in the College community. Members of Sage Circle are students who exemplify high standards of character, good sportsmanship and conduct. The members are expected to continue to promote and retain interest and service in the college community. The criteria for membership include a class standing of at least a second semester sophomore; a cumulative average of at least a 2.7; the accumulation of a required number of points as prescribed by the Sage Circle Point Sheets; and the overall recognition of high standards exhibited by the student as viewed by the current members of Sage Circle.

Sigma Tau Delta

English Honor Society, Alpha Alpha Sigma Chapter, composed of students majoring or minoring in English who have earned a 3.2 average or higher after at least three semesters of study.

Who’s Who

The College annually nominates outstanding juniors and seniors to be included in “Who’s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities”.


RSC Resource Centers & Programs

Helen M. Upton Center for Women’s Studies

VDH, First Floor 244-2306

The Upton Center serves as a resource for all women in the college community. The central mission of the Center is the dissemination of knowledge by, for, and about women’s lives and issues. The Center houses the RSC Women’s Studies library collection, sponsors a range of panels, lectures, dinners and events on topics ranging from women in the arts and sciences to women’s equity of all kinds including job, education, race, age, class, sexual orientation, and physical disability. Co-curricular functions include programming for WLD 120/420, Women’s History Month activities (March), conferences, the annual Upton Dinner, Occasional Forums, and workshops on issues of concern to women. The Women’s Studies program offers a minor in women’s studies with courses available from a wide range of disciplines. Consult the RSC catalog for course descriptions and requirements. Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in any of these programs and the Upton Center staff welcomes suggestions for topics to be addressed. Coordinator:  Dr. Shealeen Meaney, English and Modern Languages.

McKinstry Student Center

The Student Center will be located in the short wing of McKinstry on the first floor and is adjacent to the McKinstry Courtyard. Here you can rent movies and games.  There is also a candy counter that will satisfy almost any sweet tooth. This is also the place to go when you feel like shooting a game of pool, playing ping-pong, playing Wii on the Big Screen TV and much more! Is it someone’s birthday, anniversary, or are they ill? Why not send them some balloons? The Student Center is the place to go and we have many balloons to choose from. Have a programming event? Come use our space to host that event! Also, join in on the fun programming events that we host for you! Join us for anything from bingo to a band. Have an idea for a program? Let us know and we will do our best to suit your needs and request. Just give us a call at 244-2305!


RSC Campus Events & Traditions

Sage Sisters

Juniors known as Big Sisters adopt incoming First Year students known as Little Sisters and help guide them through their first 2 years at Russell Sage. Transfer students are also given a Sage Sister to help them acclimate to this new environment. Sisters are introduced at the start of the academic year.

Slippin’ into the Semester Picnic

A campus picnic held the first day of classes.

Big/Little Sister Information Session and Ice Cream Social

The Freshmen Class Coordinators gather the incoming first year class to teach class songs and other Russell Sage songs to their Little Sisters. All students are invited to attend to learn about the traditions of RSC. The info session is followed by an Ice Cream Social where First Year’s will meet their “Big” sisters from the Junior Class.  This traditional event is held the night of the first day of classes.

Banner Ceremony

Each class has an individual class name and color, which is passed down from the graduated class to the incoming First Years. The incoming Class of 2016 will be known as the Golden Horseshoes (Class of 2015 the Red Devils, Class of 2014 the Purple Cows, Class of 2013 the Blue Angels). The Junior Class President presents the First Year Class with their banner, which is handmade by their big sisters at this candle lit ceremony in McKinstry Courtyard.

Class Dinners

Each class holds a formal dinner open to all members of the class. First Year dinner is held the first week of March, the Sophomore dinner is in October, the Junior dinner (a.k.a. The Ring Dinner) is in early November and celebrates the students receiving their college ring, the Senior dinner is held in late April.

Founders Convocation

This convocation celebrates the founding of Russell Sage College. A notable speaker is invited to address the college community at this event and is followed by a campus wide picnic in McKinstry Courtyard.

Family Weekend

A fun-filled weekend is planned for our students and their families.  The weekend highlights, SageFest, various athletic events, and entertainment on campus.


First Street is transformed into a street fair when RSC and the Troy Community mesh to enjoy live entertainment, street vendors, fun and games.

Song & Skit Night/ Sage Circle Tapping

This annual fall event, sponsored by SRA, is a fun, light-hearted competition allowing floor/house/hall residents the opportunity to unite and display their creative spirit in a variety of ways (song, skit, dance, etc.). Newly elected Sage Circle members are tapped that evening.

Secret Sophomore Week

Groups of Sophomores are matched with groups of First Years to trick and/ or treat for a week. This lighthearted event joins the two classes harmoniously and allows the students to get to know each other.

Color Night

Gold Night gives the First Year Students a chance to show their colors and class spirit through songs and skits, which they perform, about their transitions into college life. The newly elected officers of the First Year Class are announced.

Sagettes Holiday Concert

Held in early December the Sagettes kick-off the holiday season and demonstrate their talents in a magical performance of a cappella song.

Senior Caroling

Seniors and underclassmen full of holiday spirit serenade the campus with holiday songs.

Winter Formal

This event gives students the opportunity to dress-up for an evening of dancing, dining and socializing in elegant surroundings and is held during early spring semester.

Sweater Night

The Junior class assists their Little Sisters in putting on their Class Sweaters for the first time. This is done after the ringing of the bell on Science Hall at midnight.

Rally Day

Rally is two weeks of fun, light-hearted competition between the classes to gain their year on the Skin. All activities promote class spirit and raise money for local and national charities. Rally Day happens on the last Friday.

Sage Circle Tapping

Outstanding Russell Sage students are chosen to be members of the nonacademic honor society, Sage Circle. Students are selected for their participation and leadership in campus life. Students are chosen twice a year, during Song and Skit Night and Rally Day.

Fudgesicle Concert

This annual concert presented by the Sagettes during the month of April. All attendees receive a fudgesicle at the end of the performance.

Russell Sage Honors Convocation

An event to acknowledge recipients of honors and scholarships in many departments. This event features an Alumna speaker selected by the Senior Class.

Class Day

The traditional “Moving Up” ceremony of the college. The seniors present their Class Gift and Slide Show to the College followed by the changing of the Class Flag in McKinstry Courtyard. All classes rise in status closed by the Seniors singing the Alumnae Song.


This ceremony for RSC students is held the afternoon before Commencement. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian are the speakers.

May Commencement

The spring graduation ceremony of The Sage Colleges, to celebrate those who have completed their studies. This is the culmination of hard work and dedication to academic pursuits where students are honored for their success.


RSC Student Government

The Russell Sage Student Government is an organization designed to promote and work for the needs of the students and the community. Every registered student at Sage is a member of Student Government. The Executive Board, made up of one member appointed by students and ten elected members is the governing board representing Student Government. More specifically, the individual duties and responsibilities of each position are listed below.


Acts as an executive leader in student affairs and as spokeswoman for the concerns of the students; acts as a liaison to the students, faculty, and administration; presides over all meetings of the Executive Board and Student Senate; attends all meetings of the Safety Advisory Committee, Finance Committee, Council of the Faculty and The Board of Trustees (by invitation only); makes all appointments to positions authorized by the Student Senate to the approval of the Executive Board and assumes all duties of the Executive Vice President in the event of her temporary absence.


Assumes all duties of the President of Student Government in the event of her absence. Attends all meetings of Executive Committee; serves as a representative of the students in affiliations with organizations outside the Sage Community; convenes meetings of Executive Board to review and revise the Student Government Constitution when deemed necessary; coordinates and supervises Student Government elections; acts as a liaison between Executive Board and all student-run clubs/organizations for the purpose of review and approval of charters and the establishment of new clubs/organizations; receives and reviews written monthly reports from standing committees and presents them to the Student Senate; and serves as the liaison to the Student Affairs and Nominating Committee of Student Government.


Attends, records and distributes all minutes of all meetings of Executive Board, Student Senate, and Finance Committee; keeps lists and attendance records of all members of Student Senate; keeps a current record of all clubs, classes, and Student Government officers; keeps a permanent record of all minutes taken at Student Senate and Executive Board meetings; photocopies and disperses, to all voting members, minutes taken at Student Senate; keeps a record of all Student Government committee chairwomen. Carries out all necessary correspondence and publicity for Student Government with the aid of the Communications Committee; and acts as the liaison to the Communications Committee of Student Government.

Vice President of Sage Recreation Association:

Attends all meetings of Executive Board, Student Senate, Sage Recreation Association and Finance Committee; acts as a liaison between Sage Recreation Association and Executive Board; acts in coordinating all College recreational activities; acts as a liaison to a standing committee of Student Government.

Social Vice-President:

Attends all meetings of Executive Board, Student Senate, and Finance Committee; acts as a coordinator of all social activities sponsored by Student Government; meets with representatives of area colleges to coordinate social activities; is responsible for the weekly posting of any notices of social activities to Sage students; calls and presides over all meetings of the Social Committee of Student Government; and acts as a liaison to a standing committee of Student Government.


Attends all meetings of Executive Board and Student Senate; presides over all meetings of Finance Committee; keeps all financial records and disburses funds of Student Government; and receives proposed budgets from all student organizations with sanctioned standing for the upcoming year at the end of the spring semester.

Academic Chairwoman:

Attends all meetings of Executive Board, Student Senate, Finance Committee, Council of the Faculty, Curriculum Committee, and Educational Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees (upon invitation only); meets on a regular basis with the Academic Dean; receives, acts upon, and reports academic concerns and their solutions to the student body, faculty, administration; and acts as a liaison to the academic community of Student Government.

Safety Advisory Committee:

A representative of each class year attends all meetings of Executive Board Student Senate and Safety Advisory Committee. Act as voting members of Community Council and Finance Committee and act as liaisons to standing committees of Student Government.

Inter-Campus Coordinator:

Attends all meetings of Student Senate, Executive Board and Safety Advisory Committee. Acts as a voting Safety Advisory Committee representative in the event of a student absence. Acts as a liaison to Executive Board; informs them of the Sage College of Albany's activities and plans programs with SCA. Acts as a liaison to a standing committee of Student Government.

These Executive Board members represent students on Safety Advisory Committee, Faculty Senate and Curriculum Committee and Trustee Committee. Student Government also is responsible for the four classes and approximately twenty five clubs. In addition, the Sage Recreation Association, The Quill, Sage Leaves, and Safety Advisory Committee receive financial backing and/or administrative support from Student Government. Student Senate meetings are held each Sunday night and are open to all students. Student Government Officers (located on the first floor of the McKinstry Student Center) also hold regular office hours which are open to all students.