State, Federal + College Policies - Section 2

Weather-Related Emergencies

Cruiser Alert

Through the Cruiser Alert system, Sage can instantly send you alerts and important campus information, such as emergencies, threats or weather-related closings, to your mobile phone, PDA, pager, or web page. This service is an opt-in system at no charge from Sage but check with your carrier on rates for text messaging, etc. To create an account visit the link in MySage. 

In snow and other weather-related emergencies, Sage will remain open, if at all possible, to serve students and faculty who are able to get to class. The institution will officially close only when it is impossible to clear the parking lots and sidewalks. Students should use individual judgment in deciding whether they can and should travel in any snow emergency. Your first option for cancellation/delay news should be the e2Campus phone messaging system, however, the Times Union Source Line at 446-4000 can also be used. After the welcome message enter code 9826 for Sage specific information. The following radio and TV stations have agreed to carry any announcements of cancellation or delay-of-start for Sage:

The phone number for the recording is 244-4548.


WFLY (FM92.3)

WYJB (FM 95.5)

WAJZ (FM 99.5)



TV Channels 6, 10, 13, Capital News 9, and WXXATV

In addition, a recording device announcing closings or delays will be activated at the following times:

6:30 am Day Classes

3:00 pm Evening Classes

The phone number for the recording is 244-4548.

Emergency Procedures
If a student discovers a situation which may require emergency action:

  • The student should immediately call Public Safety (extension 3177)
  • It is important to state: This is an emergency. My name is___. I am at___.
  • Then, state the nature of the emergency.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures
As soon as notice is received, all persons in the building are required by law to vacate the building according to proper instructions.

  • Students should leave the building by the nearest staircase, but should not use elevators.
  • It is important to leave the building in silence so that, if necessary, special instructions can be given and heard by all.
  • Students should leave as quickly as possible. Walk and keep moving.
  • Building Captains will assume responsibility for directing persons to proper exits and maintaining order, both inside and outside the buildings.
  • Students should move as far away from the building as possible.

Guests on Campus

The College welcomes guests on campus who are furthering the educational purpose of the school or who wish to further their own educational goals. However, people who are not registered as Sage students or who are not employed by the College and who, in the judgment of a college official, are engaged in activity that is disruptive, abusive, destructive or potentially destructive, will be asked to leave the campus. Failure to leave upon request may result in legal action.


All students, staff and faculty who will be parking on either TSC campus must purchase a vehicle registration sticker. They are available at the Public Safety Office on the Troy campus or at the Student Services Office on the Albany campus. A permit is valid on both campuses. A permit does not guarantee a parking spot, but rather allows the holder to park in an available spot, consistent with the parking regulations for each campus. A permit is valid until August 31 of the year noted on the permit. Temporary Parking Permits are also available for extenuating circumstances, as are Handicapped Permits which allow parking in spaces designated as Handicapped Parking.

Parking enforcement

Parking enforcement is intended to free parking spaces for those students and employees who abide by TSC parking regulations. Vehicle operators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the parking regulations on each campus. Cars parked in violation of TSC parking regulations are subject to fines of at least $15, towing, and revocation of parking permits. Vehicles blocking traffic, parked in fire lanes, in front of fire hydrants or in handicapped spaces are subject to immediate towing. Fines are assessed to student accounts. Failure to pay parking fines may result in referral to a collection agency. Parking in any TSC lot is at the owners risk. The College is not responsible for damage to or theft from vehicles parked in its lots.

Ticket Appeal Process

Persons wishing to appeal a parking ticket must do so within 72 hours of receipt of the ticket. Appeal forms are available in the Public Safety Office on the Troy campus or in the UHA office on the Albany campus. Appeals should be emailed to An appeal must include a reasonable explanation of the grounds for the appeal. Appeals will not be honored for the following reasons:

I was late for class or work.

I didnt know/understand the parking regulations.

I cant afford the fine.

Other [violators] didnt receive a ticket.

Event Scheduling Policy

It is essential that when you schedule meetings, events, programs, fundraisers, parties, speakers, etc., you start the process with the Office of Conferences and Facilities Scheduling. Before any plans are finalized, your date and location must be cleared by this office. This applies to student-planned events in conference rooms, classrooms, outdoor areas, and other programming spaces, or any off campus events/trips.

A Facility Use Requisition (FUR) form is needed to finalize your planning for events on the Troy campus. Please call the Office of Conferences and Facilities Scheduling (244-2020) to check the availability of spaces PRIOR to submitting a FUR form. After clearing a space and completing the form, you must get all necessary signatures before the space will be reserved.

For events on the Albany Campus, call 292-1943 to check on availability of room.

If you plan a party or event in a public area, an event form is required.

There will be times that security will be required for your event. The cost of this is the responsibility of the sponsoring group or organization.

Publicity for your event is your responsibility. Posters put up for events are your responsibility to take down.

Party/Event Regulations
Student organizations in Troy who wish to organize a party must receive the prior approval of the Student Activities Office (except residence hall room parties, see Residence Life Policy). The Director of Student Activities will review the party guidelines and assist students in planning the event within these guidelines. Students should contact the Student Activities Office at least three (3) weeks in advance, as necessary college officials signatures and additional permits must be obtained in advance of the party.

Poster Policy

Any recognized student group may hang posters on campus. (These posters must include the name of the sponsoring organization.)

On the Troy Campus, any group not affiliated with the College must bring its posters to the Student Development Office to be stamped. On the Albany Campus, any group not affiliated with the College must bring posters to the Office of Student Life to be stamped. (This stamp indicates approval.) The office will only approve five (5) posters from off-campus groups or organizations.

Any student or group who hangs a poster assumes the responsibility to remove it after the event has taken place.

Posters must be placed in designated areas and on bulletin boards only. In order to preserve our attractive campuses and to avoid hazards created by blocking glass, posters cannot be hung on glass, any doors, (interior or exterior) or any painted surfaces.

Federal regulations require all colleges and universities that receive federal or state funds to refrain from taking a position on candidates for political office. The Sage Colleges must comply with these regulations. By permitting sponsored posters, The Sage Colleges takes no position with respect to candidates aspiring to political office.

Noncompliance with the above regulations will result in removal of the posters in question.

Photo Usage Policy

The Sage Colleges reserves the right to use photograph(s), video(s) and soundbite(s), taken of or obtained from people/students on campus and/or at college-sponsored events for the purpose of promoting, publicizing, recruiting or public relations involving the colleges. This could be in the form of print or electronic media, which includes but is not limited to such things as the web site, college publications (printed admission packages, brochures, magazines, catalogues, video productions, television/radio broadcasts, newspapers, newsletters, social media, etc.) and/or fundraising publications for college clubs or organizations.

Upon arrival on Sage's campuses, people give their implied consent to the college to use these materials in any lawful purpose as detailed above. Photograph(s) and video footage may be obtained from both informal and formal settings. All digital image files, negatives, positives, prints and raw footage are the property of The Sage Colleges. If anyone wishes to withdraw his or her consent to the College for photography or videography usage, he or she may contact the Communications and Public Relations office at 518-244-2246.

Photo Credits
In general, the web site and most publications do not include credits. When credits are used in College publications, however, photo credits to individual photographers will be included in the form of "Name of Photographer." When photos are supplied to external organizations, photo credits will be included in the form of "The Sage Colleges/Name of Photographer."

Photographs of minor visitors to campus, such as elementary students, summer campers, and those planning on attending non-Sage sponsored events held on campus should not include identifying information, including name or hometown. Written parental permission is required before using photography that includes identifying information, such as name or hometown. For students attending programs on campus with their school, a photo permission signed for the school is sufficient.

Selling and Soliciting

Classes, clubs and campus organizations recognized by The Sage Colleges are permitted to sell merchandise/services on campus to raise funds for the group. These clubs, classes and campus organizations must schedule their fundraising event with the Student Activities Office in Troy, or the Student Life Office in Albany. Unless authorized by the Student Activities Office (Troy) or Student Life Office (Albany), outside vendors are prohibited from soliciting or selling merchandise/services to students on the Sage campuses. Off-campus solicitation of businesses, alumni, or friends of the College must be approved in advance by the offices listed here. Please note: door-to-door solicitation by students, faculty, staff or outside personnel is not permitted in the residence halls of The Sage Colleges.