Campus Offices + Resources - Section 3

Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity

Troy: Hart Hall, 2nd Floor 244-6891

The Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity enhances The Sage Colleges experience through its commitment to fostering an awareness of cultural diversity through programming, advising international students, coordinating study abroad opportunities, and working with multicultural student organizations. A fundamental principle guiding the Office’s activities is when students, faculty, administrators and staff are empowered to participate in ongoing diversity efforts, perceptions are explored, stereotypes are challenged and collaborative efforts are encouraged.   In our increasingly global and interdependent world, sensitivity to cultural differences and an understanding of the value and importance of multicultural perspectives are fostered in various ways at The Sage Colleges.

Cultural Enrichment and Diversity provides an array of services and programs designed to engage all members of the Sage community in campus life through collaborative efforts with student organizations and student government. Working with the Offices of: Student Development and Campus Programming, Career Services and Residence Life, the Office oversees a variety of cultural programming including, but not limited to cultural heritage months, International Food Festival, and sponsored activities and trips. In addition, The Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity plays a role in building and maintaining partnerships with community organizations, agencies and schools.

Residence Life Troy Campus: Cowee Hall, Second Floor, 244-2008

Residence Life on the Troy campus is dedicated to fostering community and creating an additional learning environment outside the classroom. In this atmosphere, an individual has the opportunity to explore her or his potential and develop an attitude of personal responsibility for her or his actions. By participating in stimulating programs and through interactions with other residents with diverse backgrounds and values, each student has an opportunity to explore new areas of intellectual thought and personal growth. These living and learning centers are supported by trained paraprofessional students and experienced administrators and faculty to encourage students to practice life-skills such as decision-making, leadership, conflict resolution and team work. The residence halls offer a variety of community experiences and living options on the Troy Campus.

In Troy, there are ten distinct residence halls that offer a variety of living options for women. These halls vary from traditional dormitory style to Victorian brownstones and smaller houses that include single, double or triple sized rooms. A unique component to resident living provides students the option to live in special interest housing areas. These blend specific programmatic goals with living communities to create purposeful, focused living opportunities. These special interest areas include: two language houses (International and Spanish); honors housing (Wool House); and living learnign communities within Kellas Hall.

Public Safety

Albany: Kahl Campus Center, Second Floor, 244-3177
Troy: John Paine Building, First Floor, 244-3177
(non-emergency 244-3167)

Administrative Offices are located at 84 Holland Ave., Suite B222, Albany, NY 12208 242-7700

Security services at the Sage Colleges are provided by the University Heights Association, which also provides security services to the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, the Albany Law School and the University Heights College Suites.  Public Safety Officers in Albany are certified by the State of New York as security guards.  On the Troy campus, many Public Safety Officers are off-duty Troy Police Officers.