Campus Offices + Resources - Section 5

Academic Support Center

Troy: Hart Hall Second Floor, 244-2272

Sage students represent a diverse range of academic, educational and developmental backgrounds. The Academic Support Center provides opportunities for students to enhance their academic skills and to achieve personal growth and development. Students are encouraged to become responsible, independent learners who are capable of achieving their fullest potential.

The Academic Support Center provides undergraduate students with opportunities to enhance academic skills through the provision of a comprehensive range of academic support services. Students may utilize individual and small group tutoring for many 100- and 200-level courses and may seek assistance from the Writing Studios for help with writing assignments for any course.  Students are encouraged to apply for tutoring early in the semester to allow time for appropriate scheduling. Workshops are provided, which cover a range of topics including time-management, study skills, note-taking and test preparation. Students may also meet with an academic counselor to identify which services will most effectively address their needs.  For further information or to request an appointment with a tutor or academic counselor, students should stop by Hart Hall.

Disabilities Services

Students with Disabilities

 The Sage Colleges is committed to ensuring that students with documented disabilities have equal access to college programs, services and activities. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act of 2008 protect otherwise qualified individuals from discrimination on the basis of their disabilities.

 At The Sage Colleges, students with documented disabilities are encouraged to register with the Disabilities Services Office early in their academic career in order to receive reasonable accommodations. . Appropriate documentation will assist the student and the college in determining reasonable accommodations as stipulated under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other pertinent state and federal regulations. . Students requesting accommodations must register with the Disabilities Office by first scheduling an   appointment with a Disabilities Director and present appropriate documentation prior to receiving services.

At that time, students may submit appropriate and current documentation in most cases within three years of the current date, from a qualified clinician or healthcare professional. This documentation must be a comprehensive assessment including   the student's disability, the impact of the disability, and its relation to the recommended accommodations. The Disabilities Services Director will review the documentation and determine reasonable accommodations. For more information regarding documentation, visit the Disabilities Office.

During the first two weeks of each semester, students registered with the Disabilities Services are encouraged to meet with a staff member to discuss accommodations for their courses. At the meeting with the Disabilities Director, letters will be completed to inform professors of the approved accommodations students have requested in their course. Students are encouraged to meet with their professors, review the accommodation letter, and discuss the implementation. Professors are encouraged to direct questions regarding accommodations to the Disabilities Services.

 The Office of Disabilities Services serves as an advocate for students with disabilities as well as a resource.

The Office of Disabilities Services is located:

RSC Disabilities Services/ Troy Campus/Hart Hall, Second Floor, 244-2272

SCA Disabilities Services/Albany Campus/ 3rd floor Library, 292-1793


Academic Computing and MySage

Albany: Froman Hall, Second Floor, 292-1913
: Education Building, Basement, 244-2352

Helpdesk Support Hours:

8:00 am - 5:00 pm (M-F)
Closed. (Sat)
Closed. (Sun)

The Helpdesk is set up to assist students in gaining access to the Sage network and the online resources. We provide technology service by advising students on ways to use our systems (MySage, wireless access, printing, network storage, etc.). Unfortunately, we cannot provide hardware repair service or install software to student-owned equipment.

Some of the Services provided:

MySage-  Sage's web-based portal/email system and communication medium for The Sage Colleges, is available to all Sage community members (students, faculty, and administrators). MySage is a dynamic application offering user-friendly page templates for easy content creation and modification and powerful functional elements such as interactive calendars, community collaboration tools, community-based announcements, file sharing, chat rooms, and personal productivity tools like task management, address book options, and email. MySage is accessible on the world wide web. 

 Each student of The Sage Colleges is issued a MySage account and password through which these services may be accessed. It is a violation of the Student Conduct Code to share your MySage password with anyone else. Students who lose or forget their account information or password can get a replacement by calling 244-4777. 

The MySage web address (URL) is  MySage username and passwords, for new students, will be mailed to their home address. A similar pattern will be followed in the spring and summer.

Sageadvisor is our internet based service securely supplying real time information and online functionality to our students (Class schedule, grades..).   The Sageadvisor web address (URL) is 

Internet Access-  Sage has a large wireless network that all students can access.  To access the wireless network you need to use your MySage username and password.   All dorm students also have access to a wired connection located in their dorm rooms.

Moodle - Moodle is Sage's online learning system.  If they choose, professors can use Moodle for online classes, testing, homework, wiki...etc.  Students use their MySage username and password to access Moodle.  The Moodle web address (URL) is 

Knowledge Base- In the Knowledge Base you'll find  'How-to' instructions for many of our online services and technology.  The Knowledge Base web address (URL) is 

 Please visit us on our new website located at to get complete information about the computing environment at The Sage Colleges and what services we can offer you.