Student Government President Welcome

Dear Incoming Student,President of SG

My name is Lisa Eytel and I am the President of Russell Sage’s Student Government for the upcoming school year. I would like to take a moment to congratulate you on your acceptance to and decision to attend Russell Sage. Welcome Blue Angels to our community of sisterhood!

Three years ago, I vividly remember not being able to sleep on the plane ride to New York because of my utter excitement to begin college. My room had been packed since the week after I graduated high school and the first day of orientation could not come soon enough. I recall entering campus for the first time as a freshman, eyes wide and jaw dropped, trying to take snapshots of every moment. I was issued a typical first-day nametag and given a folder full of important papers. Upperclassmen unloaded the car and moved everything to my room before I even knew where I was. Everyone was eager to meet us incoming first years, especially our big sisters. Those first few weeks were the beginning of a (hopefully) lifelong friendships and great memories (ask any Purple Cow the first thing they remember about me and I bet it’ll be something along the lines of my being hypnotized at orientation or a shout out to Constitution Day a few weeks later). I can’t say the first few months were easy, though, but with friendships kindled through Orientation activities and RSC traditions, I made it through my first year and relish that year’s memories and lessons.

College is a time of transitioning; a time to find yourself and what you believe in; a time to make mistakes; a time to leave the nest. Orientation will help kick-start that transition period by increasing your familiarity with the campus and your fellow Angels. It is a time to jump out of your comfort zone and meet new friends who are just as awesomely weird as you are.  

Russell Sage is a truly unique campus because we are a small, tight-knit community. Each class enters as first years as little sisters to the junior class. You, the Blue Angels, have big sisters known as the Red Devils. This year’s senior class is the Purple Cows, with their little sisters, the Golden Horseshoes. Your sisters are your guides, your mentors, and, for many, your soon-to-be closest friends. You grow up with your sister classes and your fellow Angels. They are there to support you during those first few weeks of making new friends and, in four years, those last few weeks of saying goodbye. The sisterhood tradition will take you through to Secret Sophomore Week and Rally, a time to fundraise for charities and bond with all the classes.

As cliché as it may sound, many opportunities await you at Russell Sage. You can be active on campus in multiple ways: run for a student government officer position for your class or the executive board (E-board), join one of the 30+ clubs or create a new one, be an athlete (either on one of Sage’s D3 teams or an intramural team), find an on-campus job, or simply attend and participate in the multiple events happening on-campus daily! 

On your first day of orientation, be prepared to start a new chapter of your life: a chapter full of fun times and quick-learned lessons. I am eager to meet each new Blue Angel and transfer student on our campus. Orientation is just the first week prior to classes, though, it continues throughout the year, but next May, you will smile at how much you accomplished and all the adventures you traveled during your first year.  Again, I welcome you to Russell Sage and congratulate you on taking that first step on your new collegiate voyage!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Orientation, I encourage you to contact the Office of Student Life at 518-244-2207, join your Class’ Facebook group (Russell Sage College Class of 2017), or you can e-mail me at and I will direct you to the proper contact.

Good luck in your final weeks of school and enjoy your summer!

Lisa Eytel

Russell Sage Student Government President

Class of 2014, Purple Cows

ACS Chemistry and Forensic Science Major