Residence Life

Four Girls Welcome to Residence Life at Russell Sage

Life in a residence hall is an important aspect of a college education. Residence halls are more than just dorms or places to eat and sleep. They are places where students develop meaningful friendships, explore new ideas and get involved with the college community.

Russell Sage College is committed to the values and benefits of residential living in the college experience. Both the individual student and school community are enriched by the growth and development that evoke from this distinctive aspect of the Sage environment. Because of this strong commitment, the college residence policy requires that all full-time undergraduate students live in campus residence halls.

Part-time students (i.e. those students carrying fewer than 12 credits each semester) may submit a written request seeking permission to live on-campus. This request should be submitted to the Director of Residence Life.

The undergraduate residence policy supports the Residence Life philosophy. Both provide for a living situation that complements the educational task of the College and encourages positive approaches to community responsibility and personal relations.

Sage believes that residence halls should be active living/learning centers that compliment the academic program of the College. Students can participate in fun, valuable programs, such as cultural dinners, aromatherapy, and movie nights.

Living successfully in residence halls is dependent upon balancing individual freedoms with sensitivity and respect for the rights of others. A willingness to discuss, negotiate, and compromise is essential. Individual and cultural differences make up the unique texture of the residence halls, and students are encouraged to learn from one another.


Important Dates for Spring 2014

Sunday, January 19: Residents arrive

Monday, January 20: College closed (MLK, Jr. Day)

Tuesday, January 21: Classes begin

Saturday, March 8: Halls close at 11:00 AM for Spring Break

Sunday, March 16: Halls reopen at 12:00 (noon)

Friday, May 2: Last day of classes

May 5 and 6: Reading Days

May 7-9, 12: Final exams

Tuesday, May 13: Halls close at 11:00 AM (Residents must leave no later than 11:00 AM, or by 24 hours after their last final, whichever comes first.)

Saturday, May 17: TSC Commencement

Sunday, May 18: Halls close at 11:00 AM for those who participated in Commencement activities

Residence Hall Options

First-year students:

Kellas Hall: Most of the three floors of Kellas Hall serve as the residence for first-year students.

Upperclass students:

International/ French House: Residents participate in language and cultural programs
German House: Students are not required to speak German!
Manning Hall: Upperclass student housing (mostly single rooms)
McMurray-Spicer-Gale House (MSG): Three connected houses with one central entrance.
Slocum Hall: Upperclass student housing
Sage Hall: Upperclass student housing
Spanish House: Residents speak Spanish in the house and participate in language and cultural programs.
Wool House: Honors Program housing