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Enjoy your summer!  The first RSC Senate meeting will be held on Sunday, September 11 @ 7pm in Bush Memorial.  All students are invited to attend!


Senate Minutes

Following each Senate meeting, the agenda is released to the Student Body via e-mail. The minutes detail what was discussed and contain general information, club announcements, and upcoming campus events sponsored by the Student Government as well as clubs and organizations. Previous Senate Minutes can be found on the right bar of this website for reference.

Upcoming Events

  • First Senate meeting for the 2016-2017 Academic Year will be held on Sunday, September 11 at 7PM in Bush Memorial
  • Activities and Clubs and Organizations Fair--September 8 from 11am-1pm in Buchman Mall
  • SageFest--September 24 from 12-4pm

E-Board Members

All student government members can be contacted through the below email or through the Russell Sage Student Government email: [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns.  SPECIAL ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD SHORTLY AFTER THE START OF THE FALL SEMESTER FOR ANY VACANT POSITIONS. PLEASE CONTACT A STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICER FOR MORE DETAILS.

Student Government Elected Members:

President: Reba Cappelli email: [email protected]
Vice President: TBD email: TBD
SRA: Erika Pelletier email: [email protected]
Social Chair: Emily Taylor email: [email protected]
Secretary: Kate Grabusky email: [email protected]
Treasurer: Oksana Korostil email: [email protected]
CoE: Kelly Shanahan email: [email protected]
Academic Chair: TBD email: TBD
Public Safety Rep: Marita Breen email: [email protected]
Commuter Rep: Alexandra Betancourt-Perez email: [email protected]
Inter-Campus Coordinator: TBD email: TBD
FCC: Katie Gnirrep email: [email protected]
FCC: Gabe Battaglia email: [email protected]
Student Government Advisor: Dean Mike Baumgardner email: [email protected]


The Russell Sage College Executive Board is committed to representing students and serving as your voice! Students wishing to provide anonymous feedback or suggestions may do so below.  PLEASE NOTE:  BECAUSE THIS IS ANONYMOUS, WE HAVE NO WAY OF RESPONDING TO YOU DIRECTLY.  PLEASE ATTEND UPCOMING SENATE MEETINGS WHERE THE EXECUTIVE BOARD WILL ADDRESS THE TOPIC.