About Bush Memorial Hall

Julia Howard Bush Memorial Center began its life as the First Presbyterian Church of Troy.  The congregation was established in 1791 as the first incorporated church in Troy.  The present building, the second for the congregation, was built in 1835.  It is an excellent example of Doric style architecture.  As originally built, balconies flanked both sides of the sanctuary with organ and choir loft in the rear.  In 1963, the sanctuary was remodeled and the choir and organ were placed behind the pulpit.

Installed in 1916, the organ was built by the Austin Co. of Hartford, Connecticut.  In 1963, through the generosity of Miss Julia Howard Bush, the organ was extensively rebuilt and enlarged.

In 1975 with the merger of the First Presbyterian Church and the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Russell Sage College purchased the building for use as an auditorium and cultural center.  It is named in honor of Julia Howard Bush, former church member and benefactor of the College through the Howard and Bush Foundation.