Life Laboratories

Below are courses that are currently under development and have yet to receive Curriculum Committee approval. As such these descriptions are intended to be informational only and might not represent the final content of specific courses, all of which are subject to approval by appropriate faculty oversight.

Life Lab #1: Online Learning and Time Management

The student will be exposed to various areas of online learning including but not limited to discussion forums, using wikis, flash activities and utilizing Skype for group discussions. Additionally, time management strategies will be modeled, discussed, and explored, and guidelines for working with the student’s mentor and professor will be discussed and explored.

Life Lab #2: Writing for Academe

The student will discover that there are various types of academic writing assignments, will learn the core qualities of each assignment and will learn to develop strategies to plan, execute, edit and produce an academic writing assignment.

Life Lab #3: Setting and Meeting Goals

The students will be able to identify practical, meaningful goals (both for their academic as well as personal lives) and create both long and short term objectives for those goals. Strategies will be provided, explained, utilized, modeled and practiced in order to help students in meeting those goals.

Life Lab #4: Information Gathering

Students will be provided with strategies to gather information both for academic purposes as well as for personal purposes. Included in this course will be techniques and strategies for writing research papers. The strategies will be explained, modeled and the students will be required to practice these strategies and demonstrate a level of mastery.

Life Lab #5: Social Communication and Etiquette

Social communication skills and etiquette will be modeled and practiced using individual practice sessions and small group instruction. Technology will play a role in this class because virtual peer interaction will be encouraged and developed on an individual basis.

Life Lab #6: Writing in Real Life

This class will introduce the student to the many types of non-academic writing. Personal letters, email, business letters, blogging, chat rooms are just some examples of the less formal writing opportunities that students will need to learn guidelines and etiquette for. This class will outline the many different opportunities as well as provide the guidelines and rules for the various forms of writing they will encounter in their lives.

Life Lab #7: Personal Finance

Areas of personal finance such as money management, bank accounts, writing a check, debit and credit card usage etc. will be modeled, reviewed and practiced. Situations will be provided and practiced that simulate real life experiences so that the students can have a hands-on learning experience.

Life Lab #8: Technologies for Communication and Socialization

The students will be exposed to modern technology that will help facilitate communication and socialization skills. Guidelines and etiquette will be provided as well as modeled and practiced.

Life Lab #9: Career Assessment and Aptitude

Students will be provided with an assessment to help steer them in the career decision making process. This course will help them explore various career options based on their aptitude and assessment.

Life Lab #10: Job Seeking Skills

This course will help prepare the student in the future job search. It will provide resume writing skills, how and where to look for a job, how to improve networking skills as well as other relevant job seeking skills.

Life Lab #11: Interviewing Skills

This course will help to prepare students for the interview process. Important aspects such as the initial phone call, to proper attire, interview questions, arriving on time and many other important interviewing skills will be covered in this course.

Life Lab #12: Disability Challenges, Benefits & Accommodations

This course will be an overview of the challenges of specific disabilities and any benefits or accommodations required by law. This will be a practical and useful application of the law for our students.