Support Services & Accommodations

The Achieve Degree offers a highly supportive environment for students who are academically capable, but socially reluctant to attend college. Social aspects of the learning environment (e.g., how students interact with professors and with each other) may be adjusted to maximize each student's success, while academic integrity of the program is maintained.

The fully online format allows for accommodations that can make college more enjoyable and less stressful for students with particular social and other needs, such as difficulty with executive functioning, organization, time management, and deficits in writing ability.

Accommodations include:

  • Small class size: no more than 15 students per class
  • Content delivery in multiple formats to benefit a variety of learning styles
  • Flexibility in assessment and participation modalities
  • One-on-one support from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for up to three hours per week, via Skype, telephone, and/or email
  • Specialized training and ongoing support for subject-area instructors from BCBA mentors

Mentors work with individual students to help students navigate all aspects of the college experience, including:

  • administration (registration, student services)
  • technology (online learning tools, communication tools such as Skype, other necessary computer applications)
  • academic demands (organization, remaining on-task to meet due dates)
  • social needs (interacting appropriately with instructors and fellow students)