Computer Competency Waiver

LIFE Skills General Education
Technology/Computer Competency

To ensure that all SPCE students have basic Microsoft Office technological skills. The student should be able to:

  • operate a microcomputer in a windows environment;
  • organize and manage different types of computer files in an electronic storage device;
  • prepare a document with a word-processor;
  • use an spreadsheet to solve arithmetic problems;
  • both store information and retrieve information from a database;
  • prepare an electronic presentation;
  • read and send email and handle email attachments;
  • find and retrieve information from the internet.

Students may demonstrate technology competency and satisfy the general education requirement by:

  • successful completion of one of the following courses:  ACC 207 Accounting Information Systems, CSI 101 Computer Literacy, CSI 150 Advanced Computer Literacy, BUS 335 Management Information Systems, or LAW 215 Law Office Technologies.
  • achieving a grade of 70 percent or higher on the Computer Competency Literacy Assessment exam. Exam Fee: $25.00. This exam is based on MS Office.  Upon successful completion of assessment a requirement waiver is granted. No credit is granted. See below for more information.


Technology Requirement Waiver Option - No credits are granted.

The Computer Competency Assessment (test) is offered for students to obtain a requirement waiver of the LIFE Skills/technology general education requirement.  The Technology/Computer Literacy Waiver is granted for scores of 70% or above.

The successful completion of the test does not award credits - but will allow students to satisfy or fulfill the general education technology requirement. 

The Computer Competency Assessment will involve the testing of fundamental computing skills, including Windows 7/XP, MS Office 2007/2010; Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

Computer Competency Assessment Objectives [doc]
Computer Competency Assessment Objectives [pdf]

Test Instructions

The assessment is web-based and offered on a PC in Froman Hall.

  • Cost of assessment: $25.00. The fee includes one free re-test session.
  • To schedule a testing appointment, please email: Caitlin Frakes,