COMPASS Assessment

COMPASS is a required computer-based college course placement test developed by ACT.  The purpose of COMPASS is to ensure that SCA freshmen students are placed in English and mathematics classes that are appropriate for their academic skill level.  Sage required Compass Test Sections:  Reading Comprehension Skills; Writing Skills (essay); and Mathematical Skills: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry. Students may use a calculator. A calculator is available on each PC.

If the COMPASS placement test shows a need for specific coursework, the College will require students to successfully complete HUM 111 (prior to HUM 112) or MAT 104 (prior to MAT 110 or higher).


  • The COMPASS assessment is mandatory for all new SCA first year freshmen students.
  • Compass scores are confidential and do not affect your admission or major program and there is no pass or fail score.
  • Test Results are used to place students into the appropriate introductory mathematics and English courses only.  Students will notified by email if completion of HUM 111 or MAT 104 or both are needed.
  • Student Compass completion due date: August 24, 2014.
  • Recommended: complete Compass test before buying books.
  • Compass RSVP: Send email to Advising Office,

Individual Student Testing Appointments

Contact: SCA Advising Office,

  • Individual appointments available beginning June 17, 2014 through August 13, 2014.
  • Individual testing appointments offered in the Academic Advising Office, Kahl 205
  • Monday-Friday: Evening, afternoon, late afternoon & late morning appointments available
  • Appointments are first come, first served, and are scheduled based on availability of proctor and testing room.
  • Contact: to schedule a testing appointment.
  • A confirmation email will be sent confirming day/time of test.  Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Group Testing Dates

Compass RSVP:  Send email request to Advising Office,  Include Day & Time.  A confirmation email will be sent.

 Summer 2014

 Location  Notes
 JUNE 2014      
 1) June 17  5:45pm  Froman Hall 205  RSVP required
 2) June 24  5:45pm  Froman Hall 205  RSVP required
 JULY 2014
 1) July 11  4:00pm  Froman Hall 205  RSVP required
 2) July 22  5:45pm  Froman Hall 205  RSVP required
 3) July 29  5:45pm  Froman Hall 205  RSVP required
 AUGUST 2014
 1) August 6  5:45pm  Froman Hall 205  RSVP required
 2) August 8  12:00pm
 - 4:00pm
 Froman Hall 205  Testing room open until
 5:30pm. RSVP required.
 3) August 13  5:45pm  Froman Hall 205  RSVP required
 4) August 20  5:45pm  Froman Hall 205  RSVP required
 5) August 23 *  8:30am  Froman Hall 205  Testing room open 8:30am
 to 11:00pm. Students must
 begin test by 9:30am.
 RSVP required.
 6) August 24 *  10:30am  Froman Hall 205  Testing room open 10:30am
 to 1:00pm.  Students must
 begin test by 11:30am.
 RSVP required.

*See New Student Orientation Schedule (click here). Thur, 8/21 (move-in) to Sun, 8/24.
Group testing session will begin promptly at Start Time indicated unless
      another start time is pre-arranged with Advising Office.  Late arrivals will
      be permitted to start test based on proctor and room availability.
   --Building & Testing Room will open 15 minutes prior to Start time.
   --The entire test (3 sections) takes approximately 75-90 minutes to complete.
   --Confirmation of testing day and time will be emailed. Please allow 48 hours
      for a response.
   --Student Compass completion due date: August 24, 2014.

Questions about the Compass Assessment??
Please contact the Academic Advising Office for more information: