Registration Timeline



February 29, 2016: Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 course schedules go live in SageAdvisor.

March 21-April 1, 2016
: Advising period for fall 2016 registration. 

  • PREPARE for advising & registration - see STEPS below.
  • SCA students must be cleared by their advisor.

March 30 & March 31, 2016: Fall Athletes may register early

April 4, 2016 at 12:00 AM REGISTRATIONS OPENS

  April 4 at 12am: All SPCE students may register
April 4 at 12am: SCA Seniors, 87+ completed credits on record may register
  April 5 at 12am: SCA Juniors, 54-86 completed credits on record may register
April 6 at 12am: SCA Sophomores, 24-53 completed credits on record may register
April 7 at 12am: SCA Freshmen, 0-23 completed credits on record may register

April 8, 2016
Undergraduate students returning from academic suspension may register.

April 11, 2016
Newly admitted/matriculated degree SPCE and SGS students for may register.

April 18, 2016
Non-matriculated/non-degree students may register. Registration deposit required.

June 13, 2016
Newly admitted/matriculated degree SCA and RSC students for may register.

August 5, 2016
Fall 2016 tuition due date.  *Payment in full or proof of payment due.

August 29, 2016
Fall 2016 term begins.


PREPARE for registration and advising meeting with advisor

  • Review your academic Program Evaluation report in SageAdvisor to identify general education and major courses needed
  • Search the course schedule in SageAdvisor. Make a list of 5-7 courses and 2-3 alternatives
  • Contact/email your Faculty Advisor. Your major advisor is listed on your Program Evaluation report.
  • Discuss and review with Faculty Advisor...
    • Program evaluation report and degree requirements
    • Graduation plans: Are you on track?
    • Progress in your current courses including mid-term grades
    • Course schedule research -- finalize class list
    • Faculty Advisor approves class list. (Faculty Advisor "clears" SCA student).
  • RECOMMENDED: Prior to April 4, student inputs ("uploads") his/her approved courses in SageAdvisor using the Search/Register for Sections Link.
  • April 4-7: Student completes registration using the Register & Drop Sections link.
  • If a class is full go on Waitlist.
  • Important: Double-check registration results using My Class Schedule link and on program evaluation.

Hold Information

Students are responsible for resolving all account "Holds" to be eligible for
Registration and Add/Drop functions. 

  • Hold information is posted on the MyProfile screen in SageAdvisor.
  • View outstanding balance or charges in SageAdvisor using the View Recent Statement link
 Hold  POSSIBLE Reason for HOLD...
 (sample explanations below)
 Admission  *Missing final transcript(s)  292-1730  scaadm
 Financial Aid  *Incomplete financial aid tasks
 *USAP appeal required
 292-1781  finaid
 Finance & Business  *Previous tuition balance overdue
 *Parking & Dorm fines
 *Overdue Library fine
 244-4744  barthm
 Perkins Loan  *Perkins Loan promissory note
 244-4744  barthm
 Student Services  *Student Account payment issue  292-1781  student_accounts
 Health Center
 *Immunization record(s) required
 *Physical exam paperwork needed
 292-1917  kingk2