Waitlist Guidelines

If a class you need is FULL or CLOSED, Students may select to be on the "waitlist". Putting your name on the waitlist does not register or enroll you in the course and it does not guarantee you will get the course. Also, when a course has a waitlist it does not necessarily mean the College will add or open up another section.

Waitlist Process at Sage

At Sage College of Albany, waitlist management is conducted entirely through MySage email and SageAdvisor. Sage faculty or course instructors cannot give you permission to enroll in a waitlisted course or just sign you in to the course. New faculty or part-time adjunct faculty may not be aware of this policy - please consult with your faculty advisor or the Student Services Office for the official procedures.

Waitlist rankings/status is unique to each course. It may be determined by class level, major, and/or the date you put yourself on the waitlist. You can view your place on the waitlist, in the Manage My Waitlist screen.

My Class Schedule
Your waitlisted course information can be seen in Sage Advisor in, My Class Schedule. Here you will see Current Registrations and Waitlisted Courses. If you put yourself on wait-lists for any classes, they will appear here labeled, Waitlisted. If you don't see any classes labeled as Waitlisted, you have NOT added yourself to any waitlists.

Student Responsibility

Schedule changes
ALL schedule changes must be made before the specified end of the add/drop period for the term. (See Academic Calendar).

Check MySage Email DAILY for an email from the Office of Student Services ([email protected]).

Alternate Courses, Options
Students (with their Faculty Advisor) should identify at least 2-3 possible alternate courses, just in case a seat does not become available in the waitlisted course.

Waitlist Status to Registration

If a seat becomes AVAILABLE in the waitlisted course
If a space becomes available in a class and you are next on the waitlist, you will receive an email from [email protected] stating that you now have "permission" to register for the course. Waitlist emails are sent Monday to Friday.

Students only have 48 HOURS to ACT - before permission to enroll expires
Log in to SageAdvisor, Manage My Waitlist link, before the expiration date and time stated in the email, you may choose the following actions:

RG - Register (to register yourself in the section)
RM - Remove (to remove yourself from the waitlist)

If permission to register has EXPIRED
If you do not register within the specified time (i.e., your permission has expired), you will be dropped from the waitlist. A student dropped from the waitlist, who still wants the course, must re-waitlist the class to obtain a new place on the waitlist. You do NOT regain your former place on the waitlist, instead, you drop to the bottom of the list.

Other Schedule Adjustments

When it looks DOUBTFUL a seat will become available for you in the waitlisted course
If you are far down on the list, you should register for one of your designated alternate courses and/or contact your faculty advisor, ASAP, to find another course.

For a course that is REQUIRED in your major and it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you to take that semester
If its 2-3 weeks before the term begins and you are still on a WAITLIST for a required course:

  • If you are number 3 or higher, email your Faculty Advisor and the Program Coordinator/Department Chairperson, that you are on a waitlist and you need the course. They can assist you regarding your options.
  • You may be advised to attend the first week of classes.
  • Be sure to frequently check your MySage account for an email from, [email protected], several times a day and up until the end of the specified add/drop period for that term.

OR, if you are NO LONGER INTERESTED in taking the waitlisted course
Please go to Manage My Waitlists to remove yourself from the waitlist as soon as possible, so the student after you on the waitlist can get in. (RM/Remove - to remove yourself from the waitlist)


  • All students should verify their official semester schedules before classes begin and again before the close of the specified add/drop period to be sure your schedule is accurate.
  • Part-time students on a wait list will not be assessed tuition and fees until they are officially registered into the class.
  • IMPORTANT: For students to receive credit for a course, it must be processed on-line through SageAdvisor. The instructor for the course is NOT able to give you permission to be in the course, sign you in, OR just put your name on the attendance roster. For more information please contact Student Services at (518) 292-1781.