This is how i.Think teams work collaboratively to find unique solutions to real problems facing real people in the 21st Century workplaces and communities.

Design    Design: Students in i.Think learn to pay attention not only to a problem’s solution but a solution that satisfies needs on many levels. Successful solutions always combine aesthetics, technology, and human needs.

StoryStory: "Stories have the felicitous capacity of capturing exactly those elements that formal decision methods leave out. Logic tried to generalize,to strip the decision making from the specific context, to remove it from subjective emotions. Stories capture the context, capture the emotions... they encapsulate information, knowledge, context, and emotion." -Don Norman "Things That Make Us Smart"

Connections    Connections: In a dynamic, global economy it is not enough to learn and accumulate facts. Students must see relationships between seemingly separate subjects. As Daniel Pink says students "must know how to link apparently unconnected elements to create something new. And they must become adept at analogy - at seeing one thing in terms of another."

EmpathyEmpathy: Oprah Winfrey says that "leadership is about empathy." The ability to feel what another feels improves systems and service. Simon Baron-Cohen, a Cambridge University Psychologist (and, yes, he is Sasha Baron-Cohen's brother) says "To empathize you need some degree of attachment in order to recognize that you are interacting with a person, not an object,... a person with feelings and whose feelings affect your own."

Play: Albert Einstein once remarked that "games are the most elevated form of investigation." Students in i.Think learn that their best work comes from a sense of fun in what they are doing. Students relearn what they once knew well - that play and work can be the same, that an "avocation and a vocation make one in sight."

MeaningMeaning: A life with purpose and meaning is the best life. In i.Think we link the course work with a greater goal of serving society in some way. We ask students to find their own meaning and a greater purpose that will motivate them to succeed not just for themselves, but for others as well.