Business Administration

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If you want to be on the path to business success, start at Sage College of Albany. Your choice of a degree in our Business Administration program will launch you toward your future with solid academic preparation combined with real-world business experiences. This major is designed for students who are just entering college or those who have completed college credits at another institution. The B.S. leads to any management career track or to entry into Sage's M.B.A. program. The B.B.A. is designed for those students who wish to take more professional courses and may wish to continue on to a graduate degree. Either way, you'll be ready for the working world or for continued education. At Sage, you'll be prepared for the challenges and rewards of a fast-paced, competitive global business environment.


See yourself

  • Working as a financial manager or banking executive.
  • Serving in a business management position in private industry, government, health care institutions, etc.
  • Engaging in the world of international business.
  • Starting your own business or becoming a partner in an entrepreneurial venture.

Complement Your Degree

Begin the path to your bachelor's degree with one of the following professional or liberal arts specialties:

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply appropriate and effective use of technology for organizations.
  • Communicate effectively through the delivery of written and oral presentations.
  • Synthesize managerial practice with stakeholder theory and socially responsible decision making.
  • Analyze, evaluate, and develop effective leadership skills in a variety of settings.
  • Understand the social, financial, environmental, legal/political and global issues facing contemporary organizations.
  • Use critical thinking skills to understand and apply problem solving strategies and techniques for organizational and individual decision making.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge in the sub-disciplines of management through experiential learning.
  • Demonstrate professionalism within the context of the work environment.