Writing & Contemporary Thought

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Andrea Golden, Kayla Coons, and Chelsea Meisner, from Professor Fitzsimmons' Writing & Illustration course, talking with Bernhard Schlink, author of The Reader at the Albany campus bookstore.

Students in the Writing & Contemporary Thought major complete courses in English, Humanities and Philosophy.  The Writing & Contemporary Thought program is designed for creative, motivated people seeking essential knowledge, experiences, and tools for successful, innovative careers. With an emphasis on the power of language, liberal arts, and humanities, the Writing & Contemporary Thought program attracts students seeking to develop high proficiency in integrative and analytical thinking, problem solving, and effective, skillful writing.

If you are are looking for a bachelor's degree program that will give you the foundation to pursue a career in just about any field, then the Writing & Contemporary Thought program at Sage is for you.

Where you'll go

See yourself in any career you choose to pursue in fields such as:  Writing, Editing, Publishing, Business, Teaching, Government, Law, Social Sciences or Health Care.

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Professor Maureen Gokey
Program Coordinator