Academic Organizations

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)                                                               AIGA is a national organization whose mission is to further excellence in communication design, advance the education and ethical practice of graphic designers, and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information. For additional information contact: [email protected]

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
The student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers meets with professional interior designers for conferences, networking and trade shows. Student members are eligible for scholarships. Members can participate in trips to a career day, historic homes or museums, design centers and other events related to the field of art, architecture and interior design.  For additional information contact:  [email protected]

Biology Club                                                                                  
The Biology Club is an organization for students who are interested in science. Members can meet, exchange ideas, and explore activities, which are not possible during normal class time.  Biology Club sponsors Earth Day, speakers and conducts field trips. For additional information contact: [email protected]

Business Club                                                                                                           Business Club encourages members of the Sage community to join if you are majoring or just have an interest in business and management development. The club provides opportunities to visit organizations, work on organized programs, and overall ways to build their business careers. For additional information contact: [email protected]

Law, Psychology, & Criminal Justice Club (LPCJ)                                           
The LPCJ is open to all students who are interested in career information, law, or activities related to the field of psychology. The club sponsors field trips, speakers, social activities, and provides an informal setting for discussions on topics such as crime and violence. For additional information contact: [email protected]

Physical Education Club (PE)                                                                                   
The Physical Education Club is open to all students who are interested in education, PE, and outdoor/indoor sport activities. The club sponsors field trips, speakers, and field days throughout the academic year.



The Phoenix
The Phoenix is the student-run online newspaper at Sage College of Albany. The paper provides articles on everything from issues to events on campus. The paper is managed by students, while being advised by the sage faculty.

Vernacular is a literary and art magazine entirely organized, edited, designed, and published by SCA students each April. This annual publication is one of the oldest traditions at SCA and has been a highlight on campus for over 40 years.