Club Sport Organizations

The Baseball club has the intention of bringing the sport of baseball to the Sage Colleges. With the support of the Sage community we will strive to represent our institution.  This club sport is for anyone who has a love for American’s pastime.

 For additional information contact: [email protected] 

Hiking/Outdoor Club
The Hiking/Outdoor Club is for members that are into the outdoors, having fun and up for a challenge.  Together, with the Adirondack Hiking Club, The Sage Colleges will provide you many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. 

The running club encourages students who are interested in running, like to be in shape and run with others to join. This clubs meets 3-5 times a week and runs many different routes throughout the city of Albany. 

Whether you're a Harry Potter fan or not this new club sport is sure to gain your interest!