Social Organizations

Association of Campus Events (A.C.E.)                                                                     A.C.E brings a wide variety of social and cultural entertainment to campus, such as the Activities Fair, Earth Day, Live Lunch Series, speakers, comedians, singers, artists, interactive game shows and novelty acts. Students are encouraged to be a part of A.C.E., not only to improve their social life on campus, but also to assist in choosing performers and events for the upcoming semesters. Members attend conferences and workshops to meet entertainers, review events, and learn a variety of leadership skills.  For additional information contact: [email protected]

CRU                                                                                                                            CRU is a chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ and is open to any student regardless  of religious affiliation or denomination. CRU exists to provide regular opportunities for study and discussion of the Bible, prayer, fellowship and outreach. Additionally, CRU seeks to be a resource to the student body by offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide spiritually-related materials. For additional information contact: [email protected]

College Republicans                                                                                                 
The College Republicans is a conservative political educational club. Their mission is to mobilize, educate, and engage our fellow SCA students on political issues, elections and advocacy for conservative ideas.  For additional information contact: [email protected]

Commuter Relations Club                                                   
The Commuter Relations Club is designed to provide clear and effective communication between commuter students and the college. All commuter students are encouraged to join and increase their awareness of activities, events, and other forms of involvement in the SCA community. For additional information contact: [email protected]

Dance Club                                                   
The Dance Club at Sage is for students interested in learning how to dance and wanting to performance on stage. All levels of dance form beginner to expert may join. The Dance club presents a series of solo, duo and large group performances throughout each semester and at the end of spring semester puts on a show for the Sage Community. For additional information contact: [email protected]

Outdoor Adventure Club                                                                                           
The Outdoor Adventure Club is a club designed for the student who is extreme at heart. The club provides a number of outdoor and indoor opportunities to take a part in. From white water rafting to rock climbing, the outdoor adventure club has it all.  For additional information contact: [email protected] 

Performing Arts Club                                                                                                
The Performing Arts Club is open to all students and provides a community where you are able to express your love, skill, and knowledge of music. The club works to help hone and develop your musical ability. This club is designed for the musician at heart. 

Residence Hall Council                                                                                              Residence Hall Council builds community through planning activities and proposing improvements for the Residence Hall. Albany resident students are encouraged to get involved in the Residence Hall Council and take an active role in creating a fun and positive environment in the building. For additional information contact: [email protected]

Sage African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (SALANA)                     
SALANA is committed to celebrating different backgrounds, ethnicities and races by providing multicultural educational programs to the campus community. SALANA sponsors events, such as cultural dinners, performances and workshops. This organization brings successful ALANA speakers to campus and actively participates in social networking events in the area, which promotes leadership development. Furthermore, SALANA recognizes the need for volunteers in the community and reaches out to other organization that share in their mission. For additional information contact: [email protected]

Sage GEMS                                                                                                                
The Sage Emeralds is a sisterhood that helps build a woman’s pride, respect, and development here at SCA.  The Emeralds were founded as a service organization, which helps build character and provide an opportunity to create life long bonds with other students. For more information contact: [email protected]

Sage SPECTRUMS                                                 
The Sage SPECTRUMS is open to all students and provides gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of the Sage Community with an opportunity to share information and ideas with one another. The club promotes education, tolerance, and understanding of LGBT issues in our society. Members empower one another through education, engagement, and deliberate dialogue in order to provide an affirming and inclusive environment for all student. For additional information contact [email protected].

V.I.B.E                                                                                                                       V.I.B.E. is open to all students who want to encourage each other to have self-assurance, self respect, and confidence.  V.I.B.E. believe in beauty and empowerment inside and out for each member and the SCA community as a whole. 

Video Game Club                                                                                                      
The goal of the Video Game Club is to create an environment for students to interact with one another who share a common interest in the Video Game industry. Tournaments for club and non-club members promote friendly competition and allow members to become more social through interaction with other students. For additional information contact: [email protected]

The Zen Program                                                                                                      
The Zen Program is a program that helps build men’s education, pride, and development here at SCA. Zen was found under the principles of community, education, peer to peer support. As a member of Zen you will work to support one another, and help challenge each other to create a better you.  For additional information contact: [email protected]